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Been a while since I posted a book selfie. @rmgrimmer and I were talking books and I just happen to be reading one of the books in the series we were talking about. So here it is y’all!

Yup, I’m still a super nerd! I’m so excited that there are 13 books and I get to read them ALL!


No way! So excited for you! The Dragon Reborn was epic! I’d say most of them are epic. Fair warning, there is a mid series drag, but he picks it back up later. After the first book is when you could read the prequel. Also, I’d steer clear of the World Guide book until you’re through book 8 or so. It has some spoilers in it about the Forsaken.

Sanderson rocked the ending of the series. Couldn’t put the last book down until the end. The whole thing was intense. No reprieve from the tension in the book.

You have great taste in literature.


Haha, thanks. I think you read the other thread already, but this is a reread of the series. It’s been about 15 years or so. Even so, I find that I am remembering quite a few things pretty much right before they happen. Kinda weird, that. But yeah, loving every minute!


I’m not sure if you remember how dreary Crossroads of Twilight was. That was the last one you read, I think. It was pretty bad. Knife of Dreams was a total spike of energy from Jordan right before he passed. Look forward to that one.


Winters Heart as the last one I read. Even that one was kinda slow if I remember correctly. Probably a big reason why I didn’t jump on Crossroads when it came out. I was reading the Sword of Truth series when it came out and I think the fourth book in that series turned me off epic fantasy for a really long time.


That’s because he tried to get all errotic. Bad part of the series. It definitely improves after that. The final trilogy was masterfully done. He started a new series that’s piggybacked off of The Sword of Truth.




Are you going to give us an update on the bakery chick?


I havent seen her! When I found out I was gonna have my daughter more I got so focused on work and finding a place in her school district that i put a relationship on the back burner. But things are settling down now so I am going to go say hello to her.


Some days I’m feeling myself and take multiple selfies :joy::purple_heart:



Play your cards right and maybe you’ll end up with your own relationship thread!


Hey, good to see you around again :blush::+1:


Day 78 :fire: Morning all! There’s a floating espresso next to my head!


Taking the metro home after a run


12 days back to the gym!!


Ok, I think we need to teach all the men something about this smiling thing! :wink: