Sober selfies


I got another confession to make…that is a start to a nice foo fighters song…anyways…I never did the military service here…I opted for the civil service. Now this is part me saying fuck authority and part respecting my grandfathers wish of noone should ever go learn war…he was a ww 2 veteran of the pretty hard fought war we had against the russians…which you’ve told me you are quite familiar with…anyways…This all boils down to me never ever ever having a short haircut…now you can call me a hippie :wink:


I literally was singing it in my head as I read the first line…


You and me Sister…already sharing thoughts :wink:



Hey, it’s cool. Not everyone was made for the military. I was. Best decision I ever made. Your mileage may vary.

Now about that hair…


I have to quote Val Kilmer playing the role of Jim Morrison - “some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts”


When you wear your hair like mine, the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut, is a couple of days.


Now that just sounds really really inconvenient…I mean the same for me is like…the difference between one or two years in between haircuts :wink:


Yes, but in Krav, my defense against the hair grab is to not have any hair to grab. My cost for “Hair Care Products” is the cost of a bar of Ivory soap. Hair gel? What’s that? Blow dyer? One swipe with a towel and I am good2go.

My expense is the cost of a good haircut at my local Korean Barber. Every other week, whether I need one or not.


My hairstyle is the same - my cost was for the clippers at Walgreen’s - about $16. I cut it myself every couple of weeks… winning!


Quick update.
I told my cousin the Korean barber story cause she was going to get a quick fade. she hits me back and tells me that the shop she went to is owned by her homie and get this a Korean barber!!! :muscle:
In two weeks I’ll be there testing his cutting chops. Lol





Cut my own hair. I always have @Rain666 @Yoda-Stevie… Jim Morrison was right :joy:


But your hair looks groovy.


Well thanks! Easy haircut, no frills it’s like the girl version of your marine hair :+1:t3:


Oooooooh - just saw this. Looks beautiful, @anon37742172!


What happened!


Oh my goodness, that’s awful!! I’m happy you are ok!!!


Beach bum baby