Sober selfies


Nah, that’s a wood shop man, I’d recognize it by the dust collector ducting and the air lines, even without that chair in the background…I work in the same kinda office and we just take our lumps when they come…no doubt there are helmets, a fancy little blade cover that goes on the table saw, and even those ear muffs like he has in the background there, but all that stuff hides out in the closet unless the osha man shows up lol


There’s no bullshitting or they hit you in the head. I guess I’m not sure If I’m honest or not :yum:


Sorry to hear that bud. Hope you get feeling better!


Day 74, waiting to go into work. Boss is no longer a “trigger”…he is still as dumb as the day is long, but drinking is no longer an option.


6 1/2 years sober :blush:


Feel better :frowning:


As it turns out, I am too old to do second dinner. :disappointed_relieved: I did put on pajamas and eat cookies at home.


77 days :fire: and about to leave work for the day!


my sober transdormation- left is Dec. 2016. Taken when I called in sick to work because of a week night vodka binge. Right was last night. Sober almost 5 months!


Great job, you look SO much happier!!


Thank you. I was so miserable while drinking. I’m starting to finally truly enjoy life again, after feeling so hopeless for so many years.


Hey, another day sober is worth a smile


Is your boss related with my boss? :joy::joy::joy:


You look absolutely glowing!


You are glowing in the second picture. Congratulations!


You look fantastic!!


Thank you. I used to look longingly at other’s transformation pics and am so very happy to post one of my own!


Traded the alcohol for tree climbing this weekend!


Get well soon!


Every village has their idiot