Sober selfies


Looking good dude…at the gym I see


Yeppers…it’s my new addiction!


Kinda the same here…I’m heading towards 300-400 hours of training this year if I keep up this pace…I’m sure my body will thank me if I keep this up…the mirror also


It absolutely will! I’m averaging 1 hour strength and 1 hour cardio a day. It feels so great, and the differences are already noticeable!


Remember to take off days too…muscles need rest…I’ve lost 12 pounds now this year while at the same time my muscle mass has gone up about 5 pounds…


I take Sundays off…and as far as strength training goes, I do core everyday but rotate upper body one day and lower body the next. My trainer said cardio and abs are good to work everyday. However, the upper and lower body needs the break to actually grow. My knees disagree with the cardio everyday…lol…so I tend to do a little less on that every other day.


We seem to have pretty similar routine…I have upper body 2 times a week and lower body 2 times a week…the I try and do two runs…that’s 6 days of the week…for each gym I start with 15-20 mins on crosstrainer and then I might do some cardio after the weight routine aswell…so pretty much the same as you…my average exercise at the gym is usually about an hour and a half


And I have this 5 week program…first week most reps and lower weight…next week few less reps ad some weights and another round of reps…and so on…fifth week is rest week…


I fully agree :smiley:


It’s really bright out but this is how it’s done gentleman! Lol. Look at @Mare’s photo too she just posted, the happiness radiates from her smile! Think of something that makes you smile and share it with the world! :slight_smile:


It’s a good addiction, and the results show for you, my friend.


3-4 nights a week, I go to Krav Maga class. Once in a while, I’ll hit 2 classes in a night, but only if the intensity was light. Usually I am pretty gassed out by the time the class ends. Lots of hitting things (an people), getting hit, and throwing things (and people) around. In the mornings, I speed walk for 30-45 mintues, and either do stretching (if I have class that night) or work out in my garage-dojo. I must look like a maniac running around my cul-du-sac with a ground bag on my shoulders, then up the drive-way dancing on an agility ladder, 20 times. Then I either do ground & pound work, or hit the striking bag for 20 minutes. Then I either do kettlebells, or lift heavy things (mostly me, as I am a heavy thing) to round it out.

Old, but not obsolete.


I consider you My Idol and an inspiration. Who needs Chuck Norris when there’s StevieTee :wink:


Smiling is concidered to be a sign of admitting that you want to smile in my culture…??? WHAT???


I am a natural born smiler. I always find reasons to during the day, I had to giggle as I scrolled thru the recent pics and noticed the women all seemed happy and the men didn’t smile much so had to poke the bear a little!


I smile, but not teeth-showing smiles. Smiling was considered a “loss of military bearing”, along with all other exuberant facial expressions. My wife calls it my “happy scowl”.


Only 102 today… damn near sweater weather lol


@Girls…see there’s a smiling man…a handsome devil


See, that’s what I’m talking about!


@MandiH like this? …