Sober selfies


Blood pressure is up today! Too bad you couldn’t see the head shake that went with this photo lol. Full moon type of day for sure, people be crazy.


Gives new meaning to the phrase “There but for the grace of God…”

Happy you are on-the-mend. Prayers for a total healing!


Rock it! With the winters you Finns have, every beach day is a blessing, I would imagine!


Day 10 today, it was a tough one. Not over yet but I will finish sober.

You’ve already begun the most important healing! Big hugs :hugs:


With my Flo! :sparkling_heart:
93 days sober. It’s still the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but definitely the best decision. I feel so much better woohooo :muscle:


Get better at getting better, each and every day!


Absolutely…so far this summer has been awesome with the weather…last summer we had zero hot days and it rained in july for example on every single day …


Wait, where’s the water?


Obviously in the other direction? the bench I was sitting at was not facing the water…and I wasn’t going to sit on the grass or sand cause I didn’t have a towel or anything…do you need more excuses for my failings as a photographer???

Edit: I blame it on the Geese…they are assholes :wink:


I think that’s the best excuse ever! They really are assholes lol


With you sister. My customers have lost their minds today, and it’s like all of my non-customer-facing support has had a collective lobotomy. I’m serious. It’s like my company couldn’t manage a 2-car funeral procession today.

My “serenity NOW!” Face.


People are absolutely crazy today! One of my branches just called me and said I don’t know if it’s a full moon or what is going on! I laughed And said yes dear, expect 2 more full days of this insanity!! Lol.


We have this great website, that’s built to empower you. We have a whole bunch of customer-service people, ready and waiting to help you. Why, my customer, don’t you quit calling and emailing me, to handle your returns, place your orders, track your stuff, and prove that it was delivered. You have no problem doing all that when you are ordering crap from Amazon…but when you order from my company, you want “white glove” treatment…and then you want to price me against Amazon.

I have a half a mind to record my VM greeting and put an out-of-office on my email:

“I’m sorry that I cannot help you right now. I am in my blanket fort, coloring. I will get back to you after my nap”.


This expression is priceless…it screams of serenity…this should be the pictured definition in the dictionary…we should update the wikipedia for serenity to just this photo :wink:


“I’m sorry that I cannot help you right now. I am in my blanket fort, coloring. I will get back to you after my nap”.

Scoot over! I’ve got a 64 box & a sharpener :smile:


Day 1 of it today, 2 more days you’ll likely feel it.


I have Graham crackers and chocolate milk in here.


Your the boss…so… Do whatever the fuk u want! I built me alil fort the other day outta left over block…


No… i got bitched at instead…hell if i did all that. id break the new house in before the homeowners… hell with my lil t-pee forte.


I dunno … im one of those people that love pushing peoples buttons. But always entertaining through out the day. I told them i need a raise doing 2 jobs at once. So i got alil raise n get yelled at daily for fuckin off… im kinda one those people u can love to have around or hate it. Lol