Sober selfies


I think it’s time for a shave and haircut:)


This is my “I’m an idiot for not wearing sunscreen” face. And I have a beach day tomorrow…oops…


Raaawwwrrr lol


Are you going to Popham? If so, i hate you…lol. Seriously, you still look stunning :slight_smile:


Went to Walgreens and got a bloody nose!


Haha, yes, we are going to Popham lol. I wasn’t kidding when I said Phippsburg was my favorite place ever!




Had my first beginner archery lesson today!


Not bad! Good job. Did you enjoy it?


That looks awesome!!! Great job!


124 days nicotine free. 354 mind or mood altering drug free


I love sports like archery, that require total focus to perform well, and total dedication to master. Archery, shooting, bowling, kubb, horseshoes. O leave golf off my list, because I absolutely suck at golf, and lessons only made my game worse.

In archery, the arrow doesn’t care about your feelings, your self-esteem, your pride, or your ego. The arrow doesn’t care that you are having a bad day. All the arrow cares about is you applying the proper mechanics to enable it to fulfill its purpose: hit the bullseye. Apply with sufficient skill, and the arrow will hit the bull. Fail, and it will not.

The arrow provides instant feedback. Either you are good, or you need to work on your skills.


Got My officially Shirt and nametag. I’m now an official volunteer at Walkers helsinki


Loved it! Back again tomorrow. Shoulder is holding up after a hot salt bath and stretching :rofl:


Good to hear…might have to pull my bow off the wall


Thank you, I loved it!


Exactly. I feel the same about bowling. When you aim at the target there’s nothing else in your head apart from the steps and process. Hang on a minute…



Day 13 and pumped on the Warriors win last night. Back2Back champs, let’s go Dubs ! :grin::basketball::trophy:


Go Dub nation!!