Sober selfies



Two days sober :heart:


37 days clean at the moment, took me about 5 years to get there but I’m happy with where I’m at right now.

My relationship with my daughter is better than ever, and I’m proud to say that she is (and always has been) the love of my life.

I’m working my steps, on Step 4 at the moment. This time around I’m taking my step work and service commitments seriously. I’m thankful for AA and to this community.

Stay strong everyone!


They have indoor ranges, no ?


Yes, but this is a banded subject, shhhhhhhhjhh…i will message you


Day 78, off to breakfast…and then with all this rain, I guess it’s time to build an ark


Happy sunday!


Happy Sunday to you too


I grew up in Fullerton. Small world.


Awaiting Doobie Brothers concert - another sober night. Well, I was :smile:


Shave an a haircut later. Aloha!Enjoying an awesome sober

Sunday. Hope all of you are as well!


The cure for everything is Vitamin Sea!


Sherzer’s on the mound and its goin down! Nice cool day for a first sober game in DC at Nationals Park …one inning down, beer count: 0 :sunglasses:


I hear that the Nationals are doing awesome this year. I’m a Mariners fan. They are doing okay this year, but they usually start to suck toward the end of the season.


They are, they usually do all season and tend to choke up in october… Max sherzer is on fire again too, he struck out 13 the last game he pitched. just gave up a 2 run homer but he struck out 6 of the first 9 he faced today :grin:

George won the presidents race lol


I m sorry to ask. It is a fantasy book. I love them. Can you tell me what I have to read first. Thank you in advance


Are you looking to read The Wheel of Time? We have a thread specifically for High Fantasy. If you’re looking at this specific series the first book is The Eye of the World. It’s by Robert Jordan. The series is amazing.


A bit sick, so here are some sober selfies


The first book is called The Eye of the World. It’s an amazing series! It’s also a long series. I hope you pick it up and love it as much as all of us do!


Reflection this morning makes me so happy! Mondays I used to be sick often from a weekend of far too much booze. It’s great to be up way earlier than I needed to be, feeling good and ready for the week! Such a great change.