Sober selfies



I needed a new piece for over the fireplace, so I had a portrait done. Wasn’t feeling it that day and I think it shows in the expression.


Very distinguished sir! Not everyone can pull off the ruffled shirt dude, you might not have been feelin it but it was sure feelin u!


Back starting again- I will eventually do this :muscle:


Chillin on vacation…it ended way too soon :frowning:


When people tread on you it tends to show on the face…I feel you man :wink:


on my way back from the gym loving the weather only 16hours sober at moment


Go on, sober, leg selfie @Lionfish! Kicking resedential ass!


Keep moving forward, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months.

Decide to be strong, and then be strong.


Always seems to happen that way. Takes a couple of days to power down, and then it’s over. You get back into the grind, and all of the good feelings are gone in an hour.


That’s the one @Yoda-Stevie I’ll get there one day just hard sometimes but we all have bad days and need them so we know what good days are


The only easy day, was yesterday!


Real talk that bro feeling it today but am gonna control my brain and not let it control me👊


Huge congrats…Such an achievement. I can see it in your smile that you are happy in this sober life :slight_smile:


That’s amazing!!! You go girl, you are so inspiring!!!


400 club! Yeah!




Day 12. Post workout.


What an awesome accomplishment!!! 400!! Get it girl!!!


This is my “I so don’t want to do this budget right now but have to” face lol


YOU…ARE…AWESOME! Great job!!!