Sober selfies


But you are strictly observing rule #18, which increases your chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse.


Day 78, day off…and it’s pouring rain. Horrible when you favorite hobby is an outdoor based hobby…guess it’s couch and movie time


Dude, again with another state…:yum:



My niece goes there…Have to support her school…


He is always rocking a new state. Haha
All you need @ScottMichigan is to get one of our Live Ludington shirts to wear. Lol


No _ichigan shirt will touch my body


@ScottMichigan if you read my thread sand, snow and a touch of magic thread you will see what the love Ludington shirts are. Lol
It doesn’t say Michigan. :joy:
You would just be supporting me. Lol


Flat tidied, time to go out.


I like ludington…tbe little I was there…i will support you 100%…but nothing _ichigan related shall be worn…unless my nephew comes to school here…which I am 99.9999% sure will never happen…he plans to follow in his uncles footsteps


I dont know why but you remind me of Mr. Bean …


If you want to visit again I’m here year round :joy:
Summer we have tons of great stuff. If you are into beating Guinness world records this weekend is the weekend to be here we are trying to beat 2 this year.


I’m stupider and clumsier


I will let you know next time I am up, we can get icecream and chat.


Big weekend here’s my 30 dollar shirt I had to have made for me :joy: paired with my bright leggings and black pink and white chucks.


Hey, I took one of those yesterday too, right after that jack leg carpenter came in telling me how to do my job… I was actually thinking of it as my “worry bout ur own damn lawn” face coupled with a dab of “brushing lacquer on a finished cabinet” for that extra bit of pissed off… @Englishd I wore this shirt to pay homage to the real derek of Syracuse soundtrack lol @MandiH sorry, still no smile but it’s better than that other face, Mmmhmm…I reckeeeeen"


Omg i have to share this, I’m scrolling through and pass this picture and my two year old daughter goes “mom that’s a monster huh” :joy::joy::joy: she doesn’t see many people with a beard like that I guess!


Look at you … what a pretty healthy girl. I’m proud of you. Give me some of your strength. I’m still struggling with eating well :roll_eyes:


Well thanks love, I’m just getting back to the things I love now that I’m sober! I’m struggling with my eating too but what I sow today I’ll be rewarded with when I’m ready and doing better! :heart:


Taking a quick break from gardening