Sober selfies


Hoping for a smooth Monday. Never know how they’ll go at work.

Have a strong day!


Last day in Thailand! Back to Australia tomorrow :slight_smile: then hopefully not long until I can head back to SF!





85 today, smashed my thumb, drank entirely way to much mt dew, ate bread, craving candy, tired and cranky and hubby has next 2 days off finally.


Day four in a little over 3 hours!!! Heading up to Philly with my boyfriend for the Def Leppard and Journey concert!! :slight_smile:


OMG!!! A pet raccoon… Hope your recovery is going well and thank you for making me smile… RACCOOOOOON!!!


That sounds like an awesome show. Im a little jelly…


I am so excited!! He surprised me yesterday, early birthday gift! He told me about a month ago tickets were too expensive and we wouldn’t be able to go. So I was shocked! Can’t wait!


One of my best friends lives in SF. Thailand sounds amazing


I’ve only had the app a few days but having a community is really helpful… I would deffo normally by 15 deep tonight… Lots of stress at the moment but I’m here and I am sober. Thanks xx



My four hour drive and another hotel room face. On the bright side I finish work for two weeks on Friday.


Day 80 in the books…10 hour work day, cam home and pushed my mower for 2 hours…half way through mowing I developed the biggest craving…for ICE TEA…i stopped, smiled, and kept on mowing. For the next 5 minutes I giggled and repeated " Ice mutha fucking tea, that’s what you want"…felt good not to crave the other stuff…off to the store to buy some Ice tea


Dude, I gotta get one of those, where did u find it?


Friend of mine had some made for a few events. He may still have a few


Vitamin D achieved today. Wooooo. Time for a cold shower.


1.2 year…:sunglasses:…I need a sunglasses…the sun closed my eyes…


I would totally order one. I had a website I found but it was one where they needed so many ordered before they would complete the order. I didn’t like that because they wanted my card before the order was made


Take your beater off… oh wait… it is! Nm