Sober selfies


Lol. Thats a custom cut off t shirt tan! Can’t be bought, must be earned.


Its that season… my ass is so white i could prob blind cars at night… annnnd ill pass on roastin my ass or trunk in a tanning bed. No way jose…

  1. It’s all about that natural sunlight! It’s like 108 today.


87 days clean. And life is a blessing one day at a time.


Day 53 out hiking


That’s right. Man it looks beautiful where your at.


F yeah, day 80!


5 hours into day 5. :heart:


Nailing it!!!


Day 10. Fresh from the a.m. gym trip.


Day 4, just getting in to work. Was nervous about posting my face on here, but then I thought about it…why do I care if anyone knows who I am and that I have substance issues? I am actively working to get better, to leave that life behind me, and THAT is something to be proud of.


I agree! Let the world know that you are fighting and winning one of the most difficult battles any human can face! Haha, and I love the picture of your dog in the background!


That’s Chief, aka “El Jefe”. He is my best friend in the world. A very, very good boy. I can’t bring him to work with me, so a framed photo at my desk is the next best thing :slight_smile:


Gotta have your first mate with you when you need him!


And what a great face! Lol.
Great job, being proactive is something to be proud of :slight_smile:


introducing the “Brain Coat”. For when you want to block out Radiofrequency but dont want to wear a tinfoil hat.


Now make a flux capacitor and we can go back in time!


449 daydays
Sober one day at a time.
Some ups and downs.
Loving life


A “no-car-selfie“ :scream::wink:


I know. Sorry.
Just took one special for you @Niiina

BTW 450 days sober