Sober selfies


Now here’s a girl with sense. Same with @Modestakieran she got sense too.


102 isn’t even the hot part of the day. Supposed to get too 110 today and 114 tomorrow


You can literally fry an egg on the sidewalk with that heat index! 0-o





I can send you a Bruins one if you tell me what size :wink:




They’re a college in Southern California.



I don’t see a penguin in here…LOL.


Lol. 6 teams… they probably dominated…


They actually didnt…lol. But they were part of the first to be introduced to the league. They eventually were nice enough to let others join :wink:


The burn on your back is amazing! And by that I mean super cool and super horrifying! :heart:


Ouch! Fartbubble


#whitepeopleproblemsMATTER! OWCH…gonna feel that in the morning!


What ya working on there? I am also planning some projects to keep my mind busy. Only 2 days here. Keep going strong!!


Nice shirt!!


You are so lucky to have that kind of support and look amazing. Congrats on fighting your cravings!


change my hair color and here it is !


They are the team I used to be my team, before my team became the CAPS…you know, that team with the Stanley Cup?




Nice!! No time like the present to be sober :blush:

I was prepping the floors for my husband to lay down laminate. I just bought a place and we’re doing five thousand renovations in 1 week because we’re smart.

Lol we might have taken on too many things but we’re doing our best.

What’s your projects… I’d love to see it them if you feel like sharing :hibiscus: