Sober selfies


Bahahaha! That’s funny


Chris is is 50 shades of grey and red :joy:


Lol. My lady likes it. Unf.


Went from business casual to BBQ casual. Double duty today, and man…the trailer is obscenely hot.


Got back to the gym after work today. Gym now, Tacos later.


Working that Rock eyebrow raise nicely


I do the best I can!


Day 3… feeling a little crazy.


You gotta pluck it, tape it to a black piece of paper, frame it and hang that thing on the wall like a restaurant with it’s first dollar!


But looking beautiful!


Well I’m kinda attached to it. Plus… I like it.


I’m feelin’ ya! Day 2 (again) for me… am right behind you :wink:


Nicely done!! Get it girl!

What a cutie!! I love the pjs!!


Yeah they’re so warm and fluffy… makes the little man even more snugglier haha! Have a great day :blush:


I hope your day 3 breezes by! :heart:


I seriously love your smile! And I for sure had carnitas street tacos yesterday after my exercise, so worth it :blush:


What a day today… Finished sanding the ceilings and wiping them down. Downstairs has been painted, two coats. I did one coat upstairs and I’m done for the evening lol I guess I’m saving money but not time getting a paint that requires two coats. I’m definitely getting one coat paint for accent walls.

Still sober, yay…Exhausted yay lol


And you still look absolutely amazing! You go girl!


Thanks Mandi! I was sweating away my cravings lol been reading a lot on here about people romanticizing alcohol and that just hits the nail on the head for what I’ve been feeling. It’s all pipe dreams until you wake up hungover and can’t get the shit done you had planned.


That’s exactly it goes! I swore I smelled booze today for a solid 5 minutes today. It was actually awesome because I thought it smelled disgusting lol.