Sober selfies


Moving is the worst! I hope yours goes by quickly :blush:


Day 20! It’s the weekend again and I have no solid plans other than a bike ride this AM and a meeting this PM. My posting here might get excessive, and I’ve got books to read. At least I know what doesn’t work. And I’m not going back to that!

Edit: I didn’t realize I was in the Selfies Thread! Hahah just checking in…


85°F here…ghaaaaaaa
Grocery shopping done, now I have to clean my appartment bc I was too lazy yesterday :sob:


85 is just about perfect for me. Was 97 here yesterday and supposed to be same today.


The next days it’s going to be roundabout 95° F :weary: I really should enjoy this now haha


Sober working selfie!


Day 161, on vacation!!! On our way to Lake Tahoe.:sunglasses::evergreen_tree::mountain_biking_woman::rowing_woman:


Checking in sober, with a selfie and a leg included lol I wanted to cover all categories. I was trying to get some sun to lift my spirits :hibiscus:

More work done today on my new place. Ripping up the carpet and pulling up the tacking, plus removing the baseboards on the first floor. My husband started laying down the flooring. Repeat tomorrow.


Looking quite summery!


All dressed up for a friends wedding earlier today. Jaxon looks thrilled.

Not sure why that first one is aso blurry… but y’all get the gist.
Edit: oh and in my new car!! Woot woot


Hard to believe it’s been 2 years… nana and popo are buried about 100 yards from my dad, his 30 year anniversary was this year in January. Just a day of feeling and reflection. Happy Saturday folks.


I spy leather seats. Very nice! (Mini cooper?)They tend to roast ur ass on a hot day though…Enjoy it! You Deserved it! Everyone movin up in the world buying new cars… may have to sneek a new thread in :wink:


I just asked if you lived near Tahoe and then saw it was vacation lol. Enjoy it! I live about 30 minutes from Tahoe, a lot of both summer and winter are spent up there!


No hat selfie.


I love your hair color!


I almost didn’t recognize you without the hat!


Scoobydiibiduu du du du duu…I’m a hat man


this picture is from last night, so day 481. I curled my hair, and the humidity in Iowa made it flat in mere minutes. Went to my husband’s final show as the sound guy for the shitty band I complained about a few months back :joy:.
Was home before turning into a pumpkin. There was a massive storm that caused extreme flooding in most of the city. Luckily my home, and business were fine. Many of my friends and family weren’t so lucky.


Haaaahaha ! I’m going to have that song in my head all day now!


So sowwy about that :wink: