Sober selfies


How are you up at this time?? what time is it there?


Its 5am. Not too crazy, I usually wake up around 3am but I’ve been forcing myself to stay in bed and try to go back to sleep until at least 5 lol


You’re MAD I tell you :wink:


Lol usually, I enjoy it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s from the 2017 tour. Which was awesome!


family dinner with our granddaughter :heart_eyes: a little tired and crabby but so cuddly.


Just know as much as hairdressers hate having another hair dresser do their hair. A hairdresser also hates having to do a hairdressers hair.


I don’t mind doing other hairdressers hair, as long as they know what they want.
I’ve never fucked up a cut. Client, friend, hairdresser, or family. I am crazy irritated. She also took off way more than I asked for, too. The layers don’t blend AT ALL . I know what is necessary to grow my hair, while eliminating split ends. I don’t need you doing what you want all willy nilly.


Let me tell you a story…I couldn’t cut my dogs hair to save my life so I know nothing about cutting hair. I had this super cute hairstyle picked out from a YouTube video. Showed my hairstylist whom I’ve been friends with since I was about 5. She watched the video several times prior to my appointment. We even watched it moments before she cut my hair. She accidentally shaved the entire back side of my head and I said what are you doing that’s not how it was in the video. Well, too late. I ended up with close to a mans haircut, but it’s hair. It grew back and she is still my friend and hairstylist!


Good for you. The only person allowed to fuck up my hair is me, though. She won’t be doing my hair again.


Sober day 60…feel so accomplished. Bedtime after a long 12 hour shift.


Well done! Doggy cuddles are the best :heart_eyes:


Ashley, you couldn’t look bad if you tried! Looks beautiful! :smile::hugs:


They were my first concert. And justice for all tour!


Majorly jealous. Based on the pics I’ve seen, the stage setup was so cool on that tour. Also – Metallica in their heyday. I was born in 88 when AJFA came out, so I didn’t get to experience prime Metallica as it happened.

Ride the Lightning will always be my #1, and I listened to most of Kill 'Em All on my run this morning.


Time to cut down a tree



Nice! That is awesome!


Yeah!!! Awesome albums!!
Fortunately/unfortunately it set the bar way too high for all other concerts to follow.
I saw them again for the black album tour which was cool with the rotating stage, but nothing compared to ajfa.


It looks nice.


Wheres your big blue ox?

Man I love swinging an axe, been far too long.