Sober selfies


And done


Nothing better than when you get in a rhythm, the blade gets hot, and you smell slightly burned wood. Helps when the tree is dead.


That’s a big tree for an ax!


As long as the axe is sharp, it isn’t that bad…however, my arms are tired


I would imagine! I use a chainsaw for the big stuff and then chopping small stuff for fires is the ax lol


Awesome way to get some energy out though!!!


What’s a chainsaw?


Sober 310 days


Metallica was my first concert too :yum::metal:


Oh man, ny step mom would be stoked to see you decked out in O-H-I-O gear


The majority of what I own represents The Ohio State Universiry.


310 days of getting better at getting better!


Love splitting wood. Never chopped down a tree with an axe before. Sawed a few.


They key is a sharp axe…takes longer to sharpen your axe than chop down the tree…great exercise as well.


This one’s for you @Gabe.G

It’s quite hot out.


Lol. You were not kiddin. Same bandanna and all. Looking good man! Looking good


Football is back !


WOW!! Amazing job @ScottMichigan! That’s some determination!! Was it a personal challenge? Just fun?
I like my trees to come down the ‘easier, softer way’ :smile:


Little old lady down the street needed a tree cut down and her son is an idiot. Growing up in Colorado, we would go camping a lot. We always chopped down a dead tree for fire wood…dad used an axe…so I use an axe…if you have a sharp axe, it isn’t that horrible of a taske…


That tree you are cutting down…would take 5 to 10 minutes