Sober selfies


434 days…


Great photo Bill! Hope your weekend and your talk went great!!!


Yessssss!!! So proud!


Day 101 in the bag. Goodnight and god bless.


Rainy… rainy day here. Still, I’m smiling… I wasn’t hungover this morning, and I wasn’t already drunk by noon on a Sunday. I hope everybody’s having a good one. Gods bless!


That’s a legit happy smile


Jean-Claude ??!??


I love upstate NY


It’s home to me. It you are ever around let me know and we can hit a meeting


I went twice last year but probably not again for another year. Hiked giant with my kids and a few other Adirondack trails. We also hiked around the finger lakes region a few days. It’s on my bucket list to go in the fall


So beautiful! Where is this at?


I’ve done giant before. It was a good climb.


Ypsilon Lake in Rocky Mountain National Forest near Estes Park! Kind of a hike to get there but well worth the climb.




Wise to take that when the daylight grows short. I up my vitamin D in the winter, as I am prone to winter blues. I also take Bee Pollen. Really helped last winter, as it was my first sober-winter in a looooong time.


After writing exams after 4 hours sleep :yum: Day 10 again


Another five mile run. Sobriety and a proper diet rocks!


If I could do just 2 miles I’d be happy, and you’re doing 5?!?! That’s awesome.


When I started I couldn’t run five MINUTES! I’m slow, but I do it. :running_man:t3:‍♂️


What else do you take?

l always just took a multi v, but just got some curcumin to take also. I should probably take some more vitamin d too since winter is on its way.