Sober selfies


Bill, you look great. Look to be slimming down some too.


6 hours before my first AA meeting . Getting nervous … and no that’s not a bottle of wine in the background it’s balsamic vinegar :see_no_evil:


Where is it? Like the scenery




You look amazing … enjoy the meeting!!!


Niagara falls, NY


Thank you I will do my best x


Rockets were always my fav Halloween candy.


@pjsears this is the selfies thread, you can click the icon on the bottom left of the text box to add a photo.


Congrats! That is great. Love seeing the year mark.


Thank you, sir. Yes, the weight has a hard time staying on when 5 - 10,000 calories of booze per week have been eliminated from my diet! Never going back!


yesterday holding my homies wifes puppy stormy haha


Yeah man…that will be my last game in attendance in Oakland. I will miss that atmosphere for sure. Those fans in the Bay are as old, loyal, legendary as even some of the Raider greats. All of the ones you see on TV, going to home games for decades now…they will stay true to the Raiders. But, I will definitely be going to the games in Vegas. Win, loss, or tie as always! I’m really excited for the San Francisco Oakland game Thursday too. Battle of the Bay. Shoot out for top 2019 draft pick haha.


Right after I got married, my husband shaved his beard off late at night when I was sleeping. He’s only done this maybe 3 times in our 12 years. That was the first. He crawled into bed and rubbed his face on my shoulder. I woke up, screamed and slapped him. I thought his brother had crawled into our bed by mistake.


41 days


Another sober day in the books!


The stashe killer! :fearful:


saving the world one tree at a time!230 dayz clean today,heading to outpatient night class,stay strong my sobriety peeps


Being sober makes me hike more…and makes my hair grow faster day 302 no drinking or drugs day 43 no cigarettes!