Sober selfies


Ours is Igor…Igor always looks good


Beautiful and happy looking. Life is amazing when you are not hungover


I immediately thought of Monty Pythons…“I’m a lumber jack and I’m ok” …lol.


Day 27. Got my Mahomes jersey on but can’t watch my Cheifs because of my local games :tired_face: so guess I’ll have to go back to my hometown team, Go Ravens!!

Happy Sober Sunday eveyone!!


you saying that derek likes to wear suspenders and a bra?


Hey, no judgment here :laughing:


Day 125 opiate free. Went to world series yesterday, Sober and loved it!


Happy Halloween :smiling_imp:


Worked all weekend and now it is time to put on my boyfriends huge hoodie and watch some netflix.


Watching the World Series and SNF.


Raiders game today.


Pumpkin carve with the fam :jack_o_lantern:


Damn, lucky man. Never made it to a game in Oakland, dont know if i’ll get my chance to before they skip town…im still salty about the move.

Shame we had another late game collapse, we were looking good. At least Carr looked like the old Carr, he seems to have got his fire back.

Looking forward to battle of the bay on thursday night, thats been circled on the calendar for months.


Day 365.



Have a wonderful anniversary :heart:


Congratulations on hitting your 1 year mark. So amazing! What’s your favorite change?


Yeah man, get it! The year mark was very trying for me, but the end result was great!


Waking up sober.


This pic was from Friday night. Playing cards & drinking mocktails with my wife. Loving sobriety!!!


Fabulous. Congratulations