Sober selfies


Omg… I’ve never seen this… this is awesome :joy::joy:


31 October 2017, yours? :slight_smile:


Finishing a very picturesque discgolf hole on a very hot day here. Need water… Not pond water…


Nov 2, 2017


Good lord, that’s a great picture!!!


@Allicat388 - how’s Jack this morning?


Snowy day 237


Hi Holly!! You look beautiful :heart_eyes: almost at 8 months! Btw do you count your days by this app or your sober date?


Awwww - thanks, Lea! I set the app to my sober date (April 19).

Can you believe we are coming up on eight months? God - I remember counting by hours…


Woohoo I’m almost a year and a half clean and I feel so blessed :grin::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Ahhh-mazing. Just amazing.


Just another day, living sober. Too blessed to be stressed.


He had a rough night. Still has a fever and is super lethargic :disappointed: I am really hoping he turns a corner soon. Thanks for checking in :heart:


Did they find anything on his testing? Poor little guy.


His RSV swab hasn’t come back yet- the doc should call today, and his X-ray for pneumonia came back clear. Last year, his swab came back positive for RSV and then 4 days later it was pneumonia and we were in the hospital for a week. I am really hoping he can just fight it off this time- baby lungs are so little- and he definitely has bronchitis so she prescribed me some ventalin to open up his airways.


You look like you’re ready to kick some ass! :muscle::grin:


Awww I’ll keep sending healing thoughts and energy to him (and you!)


Looking dangerous man, looking dangerous!! Also sober!


Looking good!


Ah, I’m so sorry he is struggling so. I know how worried you must be. It’s so hard to see such little people so miserable!