Sober selfies


Oh. Oh, buddy…

May November bring you a beard ever the more immaculate.


Thank you! Wow, and you too! :bat:


Theres 3 years clean from drugs between this 2 pictures )


These two pics were taken exactly three years apart. The left pic is me now, the right was three years ago, not even a week sober from a decade of binge drinking. I haven’t touched a drop of booze in 3 years and one week. Day by day, trucking along…


Happy anniversary!!! :heart_eyes:


DEREK! WHAT THE HELL!?!!!??? I’m not even a fan of facial hair necessarily, but DUDE!


It’s a one time deal. No cutting or trimming instruments will touch this beautiful face until December


And after that?


Looking good. !


In the pub waiting for my Hunters Chicken and enjoying a pint of Pepsi


It stays. My face is so cold. Shay loves it though.


Oooo what’s hunters chicken?!


Chicken with bbq sauce, wrapped in bacon and cheese

Would of taken a before picture but was a bit hungry


Chicken bbq bacon cheese?!sounds perfect…


@DanielleRae. I have that shirt!!!


awesome…I know exactly what you have went through to get there, as I did my first ever half marathon last sunday…


You look so much healthier :heart:


117 days. There’s a 100% chance there’s ground beef in her line of sight. Gotta do what you gotta do to get the picture. I’m not above a little puppy bribery.


Early morning bus selfie. I wish this bus had a heater :sob::snowflake:


Metroselfie…weekend, here I come