Sober selfies


I was thinking the same thing about @Yoda-Stevie ! Great to have a face to put to the name. :bird:


That face :rofl::+1::+1::+1:


Got my nose pierced today. Something I couldn’t have done before as I was too busy snorting stuff up it :muscle::joy::grin:


“Grandma cried when I pierced my nose…” (at 0:37 of this)


Haha there he is. Nice to meet you Steve!


Day 61. Here I am, balancing my newly acquired 60 day chip on my nose.


That’s a great look and a fine talent!


Apparently, you know your wool accessories!


We were well bundled. My little boys looked as wide as they are tall.


Me and the pupper, watching Edward Scissorhands


Oh, I remember those days! My little ones couldn’t bend their knees and had to sort of filing themselves about like gingerbread men!


Awe!!! Pup is so cuuuuute!



Day off.


268 sober days, new hair, first day at new job tomorrow!


7 1/2 months sober. Apparently Micky Mouse was trying to jump in.


Slayyyyyeeerrrrr :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:


Thinking of you @rmgrimmer

Got a solid 90 days outta that one lol.


Not quite a selfie but I’m 100% sober! Enjoying a caramel macchiato smoothie while having a break on our bike ride :smiley::ok_hand:


Close!!! It’s a play on their logo, from a company called Lifter. There’s another fitness company called Iron Death, that does a TON of metal-themed lifting shirts.