Sober selfies


225 sober days and my 10th wedding anniversary today! :heart_eyes:


Happy anniversary! :heart_eyes: Did you have a Halloween themed wedding? My girlfriend did and it was awesome!


Thank you! It wasn’t themed but we did wear black dresses :heart_eyes: It was a lovely day.


Clever costume…lol.


Congrats i am at day 168, and last week was my 10 year


So congratulations to you too! Both our first sober wedding anniversary :smile:


I just ran a half marathon. For me this is a monumental achievement. Sober living and good nutrition, as well as working my ass off, were key to this accomplishment.


Hey, thats really cool. Congrats on this achievement. I’m looking forward to adding some healthy physical activites to my new lifestyle over the Winter months. Be well,


Uhhhhmmmm that’s a monumental acheivment for ANYONE! Holy crap dude…congratulations!!! So happy for your success :slight_smile:


Thank you!!!


Well done! That’s amazing! 🤸🤸


Hey guys how do i post a selfie ? I cant figure it out haha. Thx!


Day 19 no alcohol


Thank you!


Ugh, I can’t believe I did this. Start no shave November


Scored 17 pounds of candy. Great night.


Me, my wife, and son. Oldest daughter is a teenager and not shown. She didnt want to be in the picture.


Who is this man?!

Egad man… you’ve made some terrible choices in life… but this, this may be the most egregious



My 10 year anniversary is today as well! What a coincidence :jack_o_lantern:



Your head looks so tiny without a beard!