Sober selfies


Haha, that’s amazing. I’ve only recently discovered them. They are amazing. This one was $20 at Walmart and has held to several washes and is so freaking comfy. I got it to wear to a children’s costume birthday party. It’s now my post-therapy Mondays evening outfit.

Currently researching other ones of good quality because I’m definitely continuing down this road. This is now officially part of my sober toolbox - feeling stressed or upset? Go home and put on fleece animal onsie and get cozy. :rofl::rofl::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Gotta watch this later :grin:


I need one too. Onesie monday sounds awesome :star_struck::+1:


I have severe beard envy haha. Why can’t I grow one like that?!?


Got that right man. And a patient family. :grinning:


I gotta get me one I think. The girls have all got one and I must admit they do look comfy. But I’m afraid that silly thing called masculinity got in the way but now I can justify to my self the reasons for having one. Cozy evenings on the sofa me time! Yeah!!:grin::grin::grin::grin:


@Geo and @Kintsugi - yes! Get one! You will not regret it. I’m now a convert and trying to spread the good word. I used to think they looked dumb, but I’m pushing all cynicism and negatively out of my life. Embrace the absurd!


I love this, it’s one of my current self improvement projects, in spite of my social anxiety. So though I don’t plan on joining the onesie club today, I’d be willing to post pics if I did :stuck_out_tongue: . We could all use the laugh and I could use the practice giving zero fucks about other people’s opinions about my norm conformances in the ways I choose to have fun! #thisismedealwithit


Dimples!!! (Pulls at your cheeks) happy dimples, and congrats {yeah I noticed I’m a few months late,no matter lol}


Ok so I wasn’t quite sold on the onesie until I read the word FLEECE!!! In lil girl voice and with puppy dog eyes: now I want one


Both your wives bought me a banjo :wink:


One year, one month and ten days of freedom!


Wow what a transformation! Congrats, healthy looks good on you :slight_smile:


Day 150.
Bed head, sleepy eyes, and poison free :nerd_face:


Waiting with baby Jack for a chest X-ray- possible pneumonia or RSV. Thankful for my sobriety today because I have all of me to give to him :heart:


Awww poor baby…and momma!!! Nothing worse than a sick baby. Sending healthy thoughts for him!


Jack, poor little guy. :frowning: He looks so relaxed and happy to have you there holding him!


What’s your date? We are close to sober twins



Feeling rejuvinated and ready for battle tomorrow :smiley: