Sober selfies


Fuck yeah bro fuck all that shit dope and alcohol it ruined my life again but now I’m back on track


Ruined all of us for a while. That’s why we are all here helping each other. Each day gets better, keep at it


Straight up Homie and I will for my lil girl


Today with my daughter


Nice smile, you look happy…good on ya…


This is the type of Dad I wish I’d had. You are amazing man!


10 more days until my 1 year mark!!! It feels good to be in the land of the living !!


Thank you and I rarely smile but lately I’ve been smiling more and that happens when I’m around my daughter she is just so amazing and smart so worth the smiles u know haha


Thats deep I appreciate it thank you I’m working really hard to be their for my daughter I’m always their every visitation i have and that’s every other sunday court order but at least I’m their and everytime she sees me the biggest smile I see on her face it makes me tear up cuz that all I look forward to she is my lil world full of happiness my light when I’m in my darkest times my beautiful flower my Dahlia


Day 24 sober from alcohol and going on a blind date.


You look amazing. Have fun!


I am sure you will open your dates eyes. You look great.


A seldom seen day off work :slight_smile:


When you are bored and 149 days sober just shave a little bit of your hair. Why not:-)


Looks good :metal:


I love this look!


Let’s see a lot of these today!




Feeling ready for this test today! If I pass today I’m all done with this class for 3 years! And if I don’t, I have a back up test scheduled for Thursday as I HAVE to pass by Friday or take it all again in the spring. Fingers and toes crossed!!!


You got this :slight_smile: