Sober selfies


110 days clean and sober one day at a time


Thank you!! I do marketing and websites. It’s a short walk from my place, across a park. Excited :grinning:


That has “Rage Quit” written all over it!


Oh man! That sucks!


I thought the same thing as @CaptAZ.


Thank you!! :blush:


Haha! These new high definition TVs are incredibly fragile. Even a bouncy ball can destroy one.

We have likely watched more TV on a broken screen this year than a fixed one. :joy:


You need one of those protective overlays. Really just a big version of the ones for cellphones. My customers buy them for displays that will be in public areas.


Waiting for iop to begin. I step down on the 20th…then just 1 day a week for 4 weeks and I graduate :laughing:


Love the hair :heart:️ and oh my God that cat is so freaking cute


I kinda made my own. Velcro tape and some of that clear plastic sheeting sized to the screen.


You mean, Go LEAFS Go…right? :smiley:


Gets popcorn
This gonna be good


No, or else I’d be looking like this son… fb6694eac3d52948b5a3ae994d7585d6--comment-memes-humor-memes


Ugh, your meme cuts me like a knife! :sweat_smile:

My girlfriend is a Bruins fan, and we LIVE together. I’ve got all sorts of problems!


Your baby? BI_AnQjCcAAdkeb


Thank you.

I have never looked so cool


Woof. One shudders to think of it.


You shaved your stache! :grin:


@aircircle thought of you as I was putting on what I call my “blanket jacket” :hugs: