Sober selfies


Good luck Mandi! :blush:


Fingers crossed :kissing_heart::hugs:


Look at that sober smile.


You will smash that test.


I not only passed this test but I ACED it!!! Yes!!! Compliance expert classes are now complete after working on it all year, woot woot!!! :love_you_gesture::mortar_board::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Amazing!!! 🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸


Wohoooo awesome Mandi, congratulations :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::trophy:


Congratulations Mandi


Hope everyone is having a great day


Knew you would. Good job!


Kick ass!! Nice job!


Love the pic! Good job congrats!!! :sparkles:


122 days. Post vote selfie :grin:


A breeze is picking up outside the meeting tonight…


Congratulations! :grin:


The most relieving part of my day is taking off my Chef jacket; the most exciting part is putting it on.

Trying out the fit on this one before work tomorrow. Ive turned it off and on again and it works great!


Stayed sober at a Devils game. It was great to stay alert and involved with the game all the way through & be able to remember the game after.


How did it go? You look great!


Good for you, sporting events can be tough to navigate sober. Can totally relate.

Im a Leafs fan, my GF is a Bruins fan. A year ago (when I was still drinking), we went to a game against eachother, $250 per ticket. After the first period, I went to get some beers for us at the kiosk and the server asked me the score…I had no idea. I was 10 rows off the ice, and had no idea what the score was.

Goes to show how much alcohol screws up experiences, but at the time seems “fun”. What a laugh. Went to another game in April (Leafs vs Bruins playoffs) – sober this time – and it was exponentially more enjoyable.


Hair mask selfie (coconut oil and lavendar oil) & fresh face now that bb is snoozing. Book, study & bedtime :relieved: #d102