Sober selfies


2 Friday moods. Ready for it and reluctantly ready.


Thank you @MandiH and @Yoda-Stevie

I have to admit, although vanity is far from the motiving force in my recovery, it’s nice to be looking and feeling younger than I have since I started drinking at 17.
Although I’m left with the ‘spots and blemishes’ of my past drinking career, including the age spots, scar from where I hit my face on the lava rock when I hit ‘rock bottom’ (pun intended) and the lines that my sober tears carved as repressed emotions swam free from my soul are a constant reminder of the trail trekked.

I’ve never seen a glowing alcoholic but I’ve seen unsurpassed beauty and hope shine through the sober eyes of children and that’s what continually inspires me to ‘make myself over’ from the inside out. I have a long way to go to atone for the past 17 years, but inertia has finally kicked in and there’s no growing back, only forward to wisdom and self acceptance.

In Hawaii, there’s a practice called, “Hooponopono” in which it helps the person ‘put right’ or set into motion the steps of forgiving first self than others. This practice ultimately transforms every aspect of ones life since ‘forgiveness’ is the key to unlocking the spiritual beauty that often gets hidden behind physical misperceptions.

As a female who was pretty much groomed to have no self esteem and who drank away any I had left, it is a miracle to be able to look THROUGH the mirror and say, “nice to see YOU today”. I look forward to embracing age and wisdom with sober eyes and a grateful heart because the spiritual beauty that comes from self honesty is timeless.


Let your light shine on a lamp stand, not under a bowl or a bushel!


Wrong thread :thinking::grin::grin::kissing:


Hey Tom, what’s going on for your Friday night?


Hey Dan!
Thanks for checking in! Friday night for me consists of cleaning and organizing for an in-law visit tomorrow to celebrate our daughter’s birthday. I stocked up on my fav tea (yogi detox) and 12 bottles of Pellegrino for the weekend. I’m sober (day 16 almost over), at peace and enjoying the Christmas tree and the festive decor. I wish I had a fireplace, but the AppleTv Christmas fire will have to do :slight_smile: I may live on the edge a little and have a 2nd “greeno” as my daughter calls them. Happy Friday night to you, my friend.


You’re ahead of me on the Xmas decorations. We’re heading out tomorrow to select the tree, and then shopping on Sunday! Sounds like a great family weekend and you have a plan, that’s the ticket. Be well.


Me, with my older sister and mumma bear


Popped over to my Dad’s place this morning. I keep an eye on his house every year while he is back in Ireland for the winter.

Foggy times on the nearby lake. Day 200 is just around the corner.


When will the red face stop? Its been almost 10 full days since I drank. Well, at least my eyes are clear.


The redness will vanish someday, but nobody can tell you when. My face needed months to get back to a natural colour, but I have rosacea and neurodermatitis so…


It will go away trust me. I have this condition called keratosis pilaris. Basically your cells on your face and neck or other areas of your body would keep getting extra layers on top of each other. It feels reddish. bumpy sometimes and hard like your heels. You can’t really tell looking at my face but my skin was as thick as a leather shoe. I used everything available and at the end I gave up. Then I quit drinking. Three weeks into my sobriety my skin started feeling better. Now after almost three months, it feels like babys butt. If someone told me that when I was drinking, I would get defensive. Anyway, it will get better. Keep sober. You can do it. Hugs.


The Jays are cool tho


32 days sober never ever been this sober this long and it feels good thanks to the grace of God


Love your hair colour! And that sober look :sunglasses:


Looks AH-mazing! :fire:


Sunday and sunny. 61 here in Tulsa,Ok. Day 45 :ok_hand:


Doesn’t a haircut really make you feel rejuvinated? :slight_smile: You look great - all the best with your project :slight_smile:


Sober selfie with my husband, we had a day out at the seaside yesterday (Hualien).

7 days sober :purple_heart:


Newest member of the family! I have dubbed her my sober puppy, we got her the day after my 5 calendar months. Though my husband says she is my christmas gift and birthday gift and so on and so forth for the foreseeable future… fine by me! We are naming her Nala :yellow_heart: :dog: