Sober selfies


24 days sober :slightly_smiling_face:


My first sober Birthday with my niece


Selfie for Gramma, I’m finally wearing the cardigan she got me for my birthday in March lol. Red, white and blue day at work-my socks are red so I’m covered! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pic taken during a lunchtime walk a couple days ago. Temps have dropped significantly since then. No short sleeve days for a while!


Ginger beer in my favourite cider mug




awesome dude! and what an amazing adventure… discovering our true self!!!


My daughter and I had a hankering for a McRib, so we drove 65 miles to the mountain Bavarian town of Leavenworth to indulge in our gluttony.


I admire your dedication.


Hahahaha cute pic.


ready for my friday night meeting at my sober living in Cypress, California


Looking good!


It was worth it!



Nice! Glad to hear it☺️
I’m not up on my California geography…are you ok with everything going on with the wildfires and whatnot?


You’re so pretty😊!


Honestly I just heard about the fires today the weather was warm and windy hate that haha and thanks my sobriety matters to me


Just finished some discgolf.
Time to head home and maybe jump in the pool.
Bloody hot here in Oz.


Feels good that every picture I have is a sober one, 104 days :fist_right: