Sober selfies


Just about 7 months. He’s a mover man!


:joy: everyone says that lol yeah I don’t smile often!


@MandiH thanks!!! I try!


Made it through my first weekend sober. We are tired. I think she’s a little annoyed with me. Haha


The boys and I walked to the store yesterday to get… POPSICLES. That’s what they wanted, in the dead of winter lol. But hey, the sun was shining as you can see! Also, the boys found great joy in finding half frozen puddles and breaking the ice with their boots. Remember the simpler times when that’s all we needed to be happy? I do :blush:


Sober for 3 months and 10 days


Wow! That little man’s hair! :heart_eyes:
Love your hair too @Gabe.G :wink: :hugs:


Ugly sweater day at work, it says “Owl be home for Christmas”, my hair covers it quite well turns out lol.


Day 11 here I come. The reddness seems to be subsiding a little. Just woke up. Messy hair, don’t care. Check out this shirt. See what I did to it? :smile:


I walked into one and one of my favorites said holy hell, that is ugly! She is not a fan of owls lol.


And yes you can! :facepunch: Nice shirt :blush:



You lool so much freshfaced without the tash bro :smile:


Yes, that’s what is different! I couldn’t quite place it but loved the pictures!


Jordy decided it was “cheese” time. So had to take a photo


Cute! :heart:


Only one day sober but hey gotta start somewhere


This past summer I did a 40+ mile hike. At the trail head, I thought about how hard and long it is and had second thoughts, but all it took was one step forward and then one foot in front of the other. Sobriety is the same way, take that first step then one foot in front of the other.


About 2 weeks away from the 3 month mark. :slight_smile:


270 days sober and kicking this semesters ass.