Sober selfies


That means Princess right? Looks cute all nestled in


Not sure, I’ve seen a couple different meanings… but definitely inspired by the lion king :nerd_face: She is starting to warm up to us, little timid thing. We have much snuggle time on the horizon! Though she seems to be taking to the hubs (typical- self proclaimed animal whisperer)


Typical. He’s probably the least interested in her :joy::rofl:


Enjoying a night out with friends…couldn’t help it but smile.


It really does! And thank you :blush:


Yes! She smiles!


Girl you look great!


So cute! I had to look for her :blush:


You look radiantly sober :star_struck:


You look Beautiful! And what a sweet boy!:cat::heart:


had an amazing time with my lil dolly sober as fuck feels great!


104 days sober


You got a wonderful smile man. The baby girl emulates it beautifully


Thank you like I said I do rarely smile but when I do its cuz she completes me and bonds with me


Those pictures are great, bro. She’s adorable.
It’s nice to see you smiling and happy too. :ok_hand:



Thank you!!



Thanks bro she does make me happy to the fullest


Number 2 looks like a boss.
How old? 8 months?