Sober selfies


Cro-mags :raised_hands:. I also saw you wore a damned shirt the other day. Nice choices my friend.


Thank you and i do have a big selection of t-shirts i love punk rock and been listening to it since I was 10


Def a positive vice in my life. Have you been to punk rock bowling in Vegas or asbury? The line up this year looks amazing.


We’ll miss you, I understand the need for a break, I wonder sometimes if I’m becoming a little too connected to this little device. Good luck on getting your loan, stay strong, and reach back out if and whenever you need us! :two_hearts:


I recommend Anthrax or Faith No More and in extremis, House of Pain. That’ll flush the bubblegum pop right out of your head.


I hear ya. My favorite music to shadow-box to is KC and the Sunshine Band. Something about the beat is perfect for it.


Yes see the line up alot of two tone bands and oi bands thats a fuck yes for me my two favorite well I’m a working class skin a trad skin


70 days clean and 10 lbs lighter…well I was 10lbs lighter before the turkey induced coma yesterday.

Hope y’all have something to be thankful for
Heading to the gym/hike (haven’t decided) and then to the hardware store. The addict would prefer a pity party this morning but I don’t have time for it. Do the thing, get the power!


Stay safe Mel. Good luck. Will miss your posts. See you soon


Wear ya band shirt to work day today. So I chose this. Too cold for t-shirts though


Super sick shirt!! I had that poster along with many others of Britany. Who cares that I was like 24 at the time right?!


Like what ya like. It was a 3 dollar shirt and it looked great on me, and like “its Brittney, bitch”



NYC coffee shop. Last time I visited my friend we spent the days bar hopping. Now it’s enjoying sober walking and coffees and teas. Learning to love life, one day at a time.


Hahaha. Nutmilk!


So I’m exhausted, but sober! Being off all my psych meds is super taxing and I can’t even sleep properly, but the good news is that my liver enzyme levels have improved dramatically since quitting, so that’s one step closer to getting back to normal!


Love me some Rockabilly. Legendary Shack Shackers. Red Elvises. Jerry Lee Lewis.


242 days alcohol free and 92 days completely clean and sober…even though I’m wearing my old Guinness t-shirt :joy:


Lol gobble wobble😂


:joy::joy::joy::joy:it made me laugh​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Sending positive mojo your way😉