Sober selfies


You tend to feel pressured to follow the crowd, but I’m happy enough to be natural, I don’t wear makeup everyday since getting sober, my skin has improved loads. I will wear it at important meetings and events


Yeah. I stopped back in the 80’s tended to jab the eyeliner pencil in my eye too much!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: Ooh matron :wink:


I was told it was fashionable!!!


Well boy George and Prince were 80s so yes it was :+1:


Love your hair :heart_eyes:


Thank you, it used to be so naturally curly in high school I never needed a perm :joy:


You look delightful :two_hearts:


Congrats on the 9 months dude! Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:


Awww, you look amazing. :hearts::hearts:


Due any time then!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


it was sunny in cyprus


32 weeks Living the dream!


Oh Ray, you look like you are mad at the sun! Haha, or you are glaring daggers at people who are wondering if sobriety is worth is.


@Thirdmonkey @Ray_M_C_Laren I might have to adopt you two, you remind me of my Dad :grin:


@Thirdmonkey big congratulations, brother!

As Missy Elliott once said, " Work it!"


50 days sober.
Flying to Cairo.
Today fucking rocks.


Work it real good!


Calm down, fella!
Save some ladies for the rest of us poor blokes


You just made me spit coffee on my carry on luggage.
Thanks for that.