Sober selfies


Vissi d’arte, anyone? Anyone? I just got back from a bucket list trip to the Met in NYC to see Tosca. Three main characters and one minor one die. That’s some opera, baby!


You’ll be missed around here.:heart:️ Come on back when you’re ready, we’ll leave the light on for you.


That’s too funny😂


You be good :slight_smile:


What about the Cramps?



For the weekends, I get pretty muh bludgeoned to death by Romanian Latino music because of the people I work with. I just drown it out but come the night time because it grinds me down to sheer nothing, ill put in some headphones and play the loudst black metal I can possibly find :smiley:


“The way I walk” almost always follows “The ballad of Robert Moore and Betty Coltrane” by Nick Cave on my headphones :smiley:


Nick Cave is a bad MF…lol.


My Daughter Ariel and I sporting our xmas sweaters after stuffing ourselves with Tday left overs. Life is good.


What the fuck, dan? There’s no way thats your daughter… You look about 2 years older than her!


Haha thanks mate! I guess its genetics cuz lord knows I haven’t taken care of myself all these years.



Warhead fuck yeah UK Subs!


I’m crazy but I’m still sober! :rofl::joy:


Have to check them out.


88 days clean and sober


Love your jacket.


Thank you I havent worn this jacket in awhile


Hard at work. 20days clean… do not miss working hungover yuk.


Today I treated myself to $200 worth of new duds at the Gap- a pair of skinny jeans in my PRE BABY size. Almost down 15lbs since I became sober. Needed this little boost of confidence and reassurance after a very hard week at work and home!