Sober selfies


You trimmed the beard and do not look happy about it lol!


Thats right congrats!!


tired asf but im still sober and coming to work on time one day at a time


its a Glasgow stare lol


I’m the same, I rarely wear makeup :joy:


Whoop whoop congratulations on 9 months! Keep on rocking :+1::muscle:


Goat was caught by a security cam…


That boner ya start gettin when u see @DowntroddenGoat is the last person to post in sober selfies…



Day 351 falls on my 35th birthday.

I am sober…and I am happily hiking with my dogs before working tonight. Thank you everyone on here for being a part of my sober journey. :heart:


Way to go! Proud of you beard buddy!


Cold af at work, but sober!


Thank you sober bearded brother.


You traveled back in time, to another dimension where they had security cameras in the 1800s


Gorgeous girl, always love to see your face! Happy birthday!


Happy birthday :hibiscus: :christmas_tree:!!


Congratulations on your milestone! Hard work pays off as long as we keep working on it and you are a great example of that. Thank you for leading the way for the newbies.


Thats SIR… Prince to us mere mortals.


One day at a time, anything is possible


Day 4, hopefully not looking too bad.


You look way better than most people I know on day 4!