Sober selfies


Day 8.


Awww thank you for saying that! I can definitely use positivity today❤️❤️❤️


Me too sober twin!


Yeah nah, In my Goth days I’d spend about £200 a month on make up. I had my make up down to an art. In fact, my make up remover was £20 a bottle lol


Yay!!! :heart::heart::heart:


Much happier than with a hangover :slight_smile:


Pics, or it didn’t happen.


You are glowing Alexis! So beautiful! Sober looks good on you :blush:


Thank you so much @MandiH and @Island-Girl …you ladies are a light in my life



Aha! There arent any pics of me gothed up anymore - It was a phase :wink: This isthe closest I can give you. When my Dad remarried, theiir wedding was pirate themed. This was my attempt at goth pirate however, this was merely a toned down version of my everyday attire.


I looked like fighting flu on day 4 :joy:


That’s awesome!


Holy lord - I looked like death warmed over on day 4!


Thank you! I hate filters! I’m only liking the real photo’s, not the filtered ones :grin:
I like to see you in real, you are looking great! :heart:


Happy birthday, and you shine! :star_struck:


Thank you, I was complimented yesterday by my grown up niece and I really appreciated it for a change instead of putting myself down :heart:


Congratulations @Thirdmonkey! :tada: :facepunch: :heart:


That’a a big step! :muscle:


Aaaaahhh, I wanna be in Cypres too! :flushed:
Living there, or having a holiday @Ray_M_C_Laren?