Sober selfies


Up to my usual after an absolute motherfucker of a day!

Should clarify that I do actually play it - not just take pictures with it :stuck_out_tongue:


Tree Lighting Ceremony downtown. I drank hot chocolate, which I don’t usually do. We got rained on. Now we are going to hunker down for the expected blizzard conditions that are supposed to come in overnight.

I just want to get some good sleep!


You look stunning :blush: sobriety is a beautiful thing


Thank you @Bill_Phillips :heart:



Just met with my Sponsor for an hour and then had a great Near Campus meeting that covered Pg. 21 of the ‘Big Book’!



Checked out the front flashlight, I am blind now.
Red like a crab after having a bath :grin:


You’ve met little Hamish and Archie - This is Georgie… Our 50kg black lab :slight_smile: his face completely encompasses how I feel right now!


I’m feeling ornery. Happy to be my sober self😎


OMG! Your smile and hair are GORGEOUS! Yay


Read, write, study, smile, laugh, and ground yourself through the waves of recovery… that’s the easier and softer way :rainbow::unicorn:


Awe you just made my day! Thank you!


Pondering my next move. lol :joy:


Day 145. Today is a good day.


Getting stuff done on my 65th day sober! I am a lot more efficient now that I’m not drinking. What took all day to do now takes but a couple of hours!

Rock on!


Day 135- got my hair did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is that a ES335 on the wall?


I wish! It’s a Gretsch G2622


Treasured moments at our Zen place with our favorite tree…


Both are too bulky in the body to be comfortable for me to play cuz im not a very big girl although they both sound great. Have you ever played a 70s LP? Heavier than Jupiter itself.