Sober selfies


OMG, that is so amazing and made me laugh out loud. LOVE IT :two_hearts::sunglasses:


Here’s to 8.5 months sober! Feeling so grateful and humbled. :purple_heart:


Day #7


Day 27. Getting ready to go to a no screwdriver no Bloody Mary no mimosa no boozy anything brunch. And looking forward to it! I get so much inspiration & support to stay in recovery from you folks here. Thank you! Make it a great day!


How ya’ doing, Mike? Have a nice Thanksgiving?


I had peanut butter and blueberries on mine this morning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Smokey! How are you?? Missed you! :hugs:


I’m sure you’re not the only one who feels that way. Why not start one? :slight_smile:


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Doing great! Had a really nice Thanksgiving, thanks for asking it was really laid back and I felt like I got to recharge. How was yours?


Classy and beautiful! Love it.


Beautiful, small family gathering, thanks :slight_smile:️ I took a break for a while. But, wanted to stop back in and say hi. There are several people here I’ve thought about from time to time, wondered how they’re doing & you’re one of them! How’s the new place & job? Liking it?


Getting ready to head out with my Gramma!


You have the best bangs :blush:


Until I go play outside or get all sweaty lmao. All my camping pictures had me in headbands or hats for a reason! :rofl:


Grilling, getting ready to watch The Ohio State University!


I’m starving, whatcha grilling? Do you deliver? Lmao


Grilling 4, half pound burgers…me and the cat are eating good tonight


You look Ah~maaaazing! Missed your face & your wisdom :hugs: Hope you’re doing wonderful :heart:


Thanks love. Tough day in between the smiles but all is well otherwise. :heart: Memorial event for my Grampa at the funeral home. We have missed you!