Sober selfies


For some reason the image of your finest beard so far has disappeared @anon53189373, so I found a similar one of Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon for anyone who missed it:



Your photo’s back! Might as well leave Brian Blessed up for comparison purposes.


Same here on the scrubs, I’ve come to love it though. Once they’re broken in they’re extremely comfortable


Happy Tuesday folks!


You’re in Milton Keynes! Mate I only live about 20 miles away from you. Never thought someone would be so close on here, who knew :man_shrugging:t2:. I’m in Northampton


Unfrozen Caveman Soberguy


Yeah bud. I lived in Daventry for a little while as well so ive been either side of you :slight_smile:


In that case you’ve probably heard of weedon?? That’s where I live it’s just easier to say Northampton cus no one has ever heard of it.


Sure do :slight_smile: - small world.



Heading out for a night of AA fuckery. Local meeting then early preview of Creed 2 :facepunch:

Have an amazing 24 folks


Healing without painkillers. I’m tickled BLUE


Spend all day cooking for others.

Just demolished a pack of 12 of these bad boys absolutely pissing with butter. Fun fact - I once ate 24 crumpets for lunch at work in a bid to prove to my colleagues that ‘I just could’ and ended up having to take 2 days off work because my stomach was over inflated :joy:


Crumpets are my fav, so many topping options.


No, there’s only one.




I can’t remember the last time I took a selfie because I always looked like a bag of shit, I mean I’m no supermodel but the confidence is def coming back. Here’s a 6am selfie before the gym


Same as you bud never liked taking selfies.


There’s someone on here that is 15 miles from me. And she knows my area well. Who have thought with the fact this forum is global eh?


Ha ha, your looking great! Here’s mine:

I definitely do not open my front door wearing this one! :rofl::joy: