Sober selfies


Hahahaahahahah hahahahaha , no more :slight_smile: now proper , but need to learn how to pout ,next goal.

Thank slow meow , man looked it up ,that shit is ridiculous !


Sober selfie during my 75km bike ride today, the weather in Taipei is great!


Good to see you Patrick. Hope your feeling better mate!


Exactly! I know when I’m having a bad day that tomorrow will be better!


Just what the good doctor precribed


Looking very badass my friend


Thankyou - One day when this chef dream goes away, Ill start living in the real world and get a sensible job like ‘RockGod’


360 days Sober & a 180° turnaround of my Life. I’ve got that Higher Power humility right now.


Pixie & color ?


I would love to be blonde again but I’m so scared to bleach it


Why are you scared?


Nice hair cut


Because my hair is so fried already


Got news for you kiddo. That chefs dream never goes away, another addiction. I have been playing in the kitchen for over four decades now. It is hard but always exciting. I hope you will find a happy medium. Hugs.


My daughter wants an electric guitar, but I have no idea what a good starter would be.


Absolutely right, Chef. I’ll probably be cooking til the day I die. I didn’t realise your length of service. Im pretty confident in my skills and palette but maybe, if you would be so kind, you could take a look at some of my recipes sometime and give me some guidance where I need it?

@EarnIt - ill drop you a message now :slight_smile:


Yeah … that can happen when it’s dyed often.


Thank you Josh, I would love to give you feedback on your recipes. I consider myself just a good cook and find kitchens the most comforting place on earth. It is great that you have confidence, you will climb the ladder pretty quickly. You can ask me anything, anytime.


Oh that would be nice


Thankyou :slight_smile: Ive enjoyed climbing for sure; When i came back to UK i’ve taken a few steps back down but hope to eventually become Head chef again in the next couple years. I want to own my own restaurant one day so your veteranship will definitely be appreciated :slight_smile: I agree -There’s nowhere in the world more relaxing than in front of a chopping board.