Sober selfies




Sorry Josh! Should’ve remembered! Josh-u-are! :smiley:
Get what you saying. We are struggling for equipment. All we have is our own amps at the moment and the drummers’ got his kit of course. The studios we rehearse in has everything else.
I had never played with anyone before joining . Taught myself basic chords when I was 17 and have literally just messed about since then. Can’t read music and not good with tab!
Wife bought me a Tele a couple of years back but even then I just bashed about making a noise more than anything else.
Drummer is a mate and the other 2 are very patient. I think I hold my own, just need to have crib sheets to remind me which song, which chords! The bassist is the real musician, the other guitarist writes most of the stuff. I just bash away.
It’s only since I’ve been sober that I’ve turned the amp up so I can actuallybe heard!
Not in a million years did I think I’d ever be in a band!
So, all I’m saying is don’t let little things stop you from doing it. I really enjoy it though sometimea I do wonder what I’m doing there! :smiley:


@DresdenLaPage :: I don’t know how it is there, but in Seattle, for every 10 guitarists you will find one bassist. And for every 10 bassists, there is one drummer. Because of this, my first band was 4 guitar players, all friends! Knowing we couldn’t do anything with that, one guy ended up getting a bass and I bought a drum kit. We were in our late 20’s so needless to say money was super tight and so my drum kit was like $300. All of our gear was mid to low range, nothing fancy; a lot of it was second hand. It was good though because it took a while (like years) for us to play well as a unit and during that time we were able to upgrade amps, guitars, cymbals etc. By the time we had enough songs written we had decent gear and were able to go play gigs. So, it’s ok to start small. :blush:



That ugly flag though…



Love this :heart_eyes:


You looks great, happy to see your face in here again! :heart_eyes:



Great to see your face, you look happy!


I’m a Happy fella


Thank you so much love! Missed you all and so happy to be back. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Last day of work. 5 sober days and Christmas to look forward to :blush:


Thank you!! Glue ons of course even though I’d like to say they’re my own haha. :heart::heart:


I’m late to the party, but congratulations are in order, brother!


Bahahah I hear you. I usually screw up putting them on. People often comment you don’t have them on right and I just respond with meh looks good to me. :joy:


THAT is a winning attitude! It’s just a day, but it is fully and completely it’s own day. It’s your 30 days, wow! And of course our alcoholic minds need to demand ‘More, more, more’. This is a definite dope slap from the universe, that hey, 30 days sober is how you deal with disappointments. You will get the job that is meant for you, and all is well right now.

Blessings on your house :pray:.


You look AMAZING! Love your dress. :heart_eyes:


Thank you * it’s yours for sharing as well


You have amazing eyebrows. I’m seriously envious.


Haha. Thanks. They have a life of their own :wink: