Sober selfies


Meh, its a gift😁



Had some urges today. Went to my besties for coffee and video games instead. Much better decision if I do say so myself. Happy sober Sunday!


New place is ok, I’m still doing the old job just remotely. We’re getting pretty homesick though. The plan right now is to wait 3 more months before making any rash decisions and calling this a failed experiment.


Very cool, congrats


Smile man. You look like you’re having the time of your life


I have my reasons why I don’t smile never really smiled most of my life but I do only smile sometimes when I’m around my kid but I did have a blast with her


70 days sober


Thank you for your service @Wunderbar


Almost 2 months sober :slight_smile:


I’m the same way, people mostly say I smirk lol and I’m ok with that


Congratulations on 70!


317 days sober. Checking in from my desk at work on this Monday morning. No hangovers on Mondays never gets old! :blush::blue_heart:


A true champion.


It truly is odd feeling great on a Monday morning at work. Especially when all your coworkers are groaning and complaining about how shit they feel.
Go you!


Yeah I try to smile but I’ve seen and gone thru to much shit in my life that sometimes I forget to smile u get me I’ve seen death 3 times in my life but never took me


Beautiful, Lea!!! Still very natural and elegant!


Thank you Holly, waiting to see if you decided on a new hair style :thinking:


Ha! Not yet - but I’m waiting on an appointment with a new stylist. I feel like I’m about to have an affair!:crazy_face:


Lol well I hope we all get to see the results :thinking: or maybe just me lol just putting it out there to not go too short or drastic-just my two cents. Like I said, I’ve done so many terrible things to my hair looking for a change with shitty results.

One word: perm.