Sober selfies


This was me two and a half hours ago heading out to my first AA meeting :slight_smile:


Awwwwww, I’m dying from the cuteness


The cat’sface!! :rofl:


133 days sober. 10 months on a whole foods plant based diet. At 48 my running has never been better!


So freaking cute! :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Congrats on the 133 days! That’s absolutely amazing and 10 months on plant based whole foods is wicked! Good for you. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you!


Hitting the road sober and clear headed. Today marks 573 days alcohol free!


At my oxford house pajama Christmas party.


Your t-shirt is awesome.


@Geo - tabs easy enough to read - Line = string, Number = fret. Most tabs have a key to indicate what the symbols represent but generally its all the same :slight_smile: Equpiment wise, I just want to get a couple les pauls because i love the tone of them and a particular marshall amp because they are really versatile amps. Recording wise -Ill do some investigation first :slight_smile:

@Dasindog - small is good :slight_smile: If i can get a gig together that just performs locally in the small venues, Id be happy with that. Its all for fun :slight_smile:


Cutest of them all!!


Aww…thank you :blush:This has been my sidekick all night. He’s 16 years old.




I still love this shirt :heart_eyes::+1:


Your dog’s puppy dog eyes totally just punched me in the stomach. :heart_eyes:


Christmas eve eve party ready


Looking great, I love your outfit and the hat!


I love the shirt too but omg, that face! :heart_eyes: That dog is cuuuute!


Got to wear my trainers :joy: can’t do heals that often anymore, absolute killers :grin: