Sober selfies


Today is our annual BBQ holiday sale. Well, technically, it’s order pick up day, so, gonna be hanging out in this glorious 34 degree weather for a few hours.


Bill - I’m so damn glad to see you with a happy dog and on your way to getting better. Merry Christmas…


Both with Droopy eyes! :wink:



Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree: 83 Days!



Makes me think of an ice queen :sparkles:


Congrats on 596 days sober!


51 days clean today!!!


End of today’s Christmas Survival Mode (day 72). In owl onesie attempting selfie with my mother’s dog.


Dan, you look so much slimmer in your cheeks and you’ve got that good sober skin look going! Rock on!


Give me your wall.


Thanks! I’m loving it!

@anon34614660 thanks! It’s my favorite shirt! We PJ did 2 home shows this past summer, first time in years, we went to both, it was amazing!

@DresdenLaPage Hey, I’ll tell you what, if you ever make it to Seattle, you can come over and jam and you can pick one thing off the wall to keep. :wink:


I love your onsies! My kids want to get some for all of us for a family portrait.


OMG, yes, do it. That would be so fun. :two_hearts:


Dan, Im holding you to that! :wink:


I’m a man of my word!


Well, once Im confident enough to live alone and have some money saved again, looks like Ill be coming to Seattle!


Haha you got it! Now, under my breath I’ll be saying, “not the Martin, not the Martin, anything but the Martin…”.


It wont be the Martin. :wink: On another note, what strings do you use? If you havent tried them before, you have got to try Elixir.