Sober selfies


Jerry curl!


Haha :joy: I kinda wish, but it was just the most pathetic perm.


283 days. Still going strong but it isn’t easy. Have structured support and a routine has helped a ton. ヽ(´∀`)ノ Hope everyone is doing well.


Sober twin still rockin the set!

Paradise in the background for the win.


Lifes too short not to smile. Good times, bad times we’ve all had our share.


Yeah but me not smiling doesn’t mean I’m not happy with life I’m just a serious person most of the time haha


Well baby girl has a wonderful smile so you’re doing something right man. Keep on trudging.


Yeah! Glad we’re still in it!
That pic behind me is my escape when I need to spin my chair around, look at it, and take deep breaths when I’m annoyed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There would be 2 dime sized holes in it if it were mine :joy::rofl:


So couldnt wait to get plucking tonight that i havent even taken my jacket off!


Like, seriously… What is up with your potato, i mean camera?


Inspired by @Ifs 's photo with a stuffed animal, I pulled these guys it or my closest. When I was a child, my favourite stuffed animals were these two - Quincy the aardvark and Cocoa the bunny.

I don’t know if I’m feeling some kind of inner child vibe, but it feels nice to have pulled them out and I made myself laugh trying to balance then on my head for a photo.

Today felt inexplicably sad (maybe impending Xmas vibes?) and therapy was emotional. Feeling a little raw and emotionally vulnerable. Day 53. :two_hearts:


Love it! :slight_smile:


342 days and soaking up a few rays. lol

Feeling sillier than ever! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


…stop trying to hurt its feelings or ill report you to the FSA.


Go on then.
I’ll tell them you are keeping a potato against its will


Just gonna go and apply cold water to the burned area…


Shred!!! :metal:t2::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::fist:


It is my honor to serve. I appreciate your gratitude with humility.


Captains log, day 318. It’s friggin cooooooooold, but I’m not hungover and feeling like I’m on death’s door. Life is good.