Sober selfies


If it makes you feel any better, I pay an arm and a leg and my first born to live here lol kidding, my son’s are the reason I’m in this area and in this world (:pray:) and I’d do anything for them. One day I will live in a more affordable area, maybe on a bunch of acres in some rural area of Washington, but for now I get to experience some amazing weather over here. Hopefully you’ll get some warmer temps soon @Yoda-Stevie


I pay a pretty hefty sum to live in the shadow of “the other Washington”. As soon as my wife can retire, we’re gonna kick the tires and light the fires and move out a here. WV most likely. Gonna buy a smallish mountain. Why buy a mountain you ask?

So I can be able to tell folks to get off my mountain. Doesn’t matter if the mountain gets snowy as that just comes with owning a mountain.


Yeees :muscle::+1: I’m only 6 days behind you :running_woman:


It’ll have to be one from December since I’m not gonna post one from today without makeup :rofl:


Haha. This is me today shoveling 8 inches of snow

I would rather be on a beach


my first football match sober / without a drink in 15 years !! We still never won :triumph:


Working and watching true crime documentaries today! 373 days sober and enjoying it today!


Woo hoo! Almost sober twins! :wink:


Yes, @Buts! Feeling more grateful with each passing day!


Btw, you straight up look like an assassin in this picture. Should have tried out for the Assassin’s Creed movie, dang it!


Yakima sounds like your cup of tea! :grin:


You. Mean like this?


Must be a pig tails type of day lol :pig2::heart_eyes:


I love pigtails!! It’s simple and fun lol!


But look how cozy that beanie is! Nice selfie Frank :blush:


What would this mountain be called or are all the mountains already named?

I want to own an island, invite all the TS peeps, we’ll each have our own hut with free WiFi, that way we can still post but can continue to be our usual secluded selves lol and we can ALL post beach selfies… I’ll save you a hut for the snowy months on your mountain :+1:


I’m getting more of a Mortal Kombat sorta vibe. Your soul is mine…


Nah, you dont look anything like an assassin in those ones. :rofl::rofl::rofl: j/k. Spot on, bro.


Get over here!


A little over 2 months. Not the most flattering pic, but it IS a progress pic. In the Sauna after a grueling workout. I use the gym to clear my mind of all the clutter, To callouse the weak parts of myself that lead to my dependance, addictions and escapist attitudes.