Sober selfies


Almost 2 weeks :blush:


Stunning :two_hearts::heart_eyes:


Absolutely gorgeous



Off work and getting ready to scare the crap out of myself! 1 month and 25 days off drinks and going strong :slight_smile:


i know I haven’t been on here in awhile but I am doing good still sober I’m 5 months clean off drugs and alcohol and working at a new job which I love already as a maintenance person God is good


Congratulations! All the time God is good!:pray:


How is it??? The game lol


I wanted to pre-order this so bad. I dug out my PS1 not long ago and played both Leon and Claire about 10 times. Afterward, I loaded up RE3 and only stopped about a month ago. I have to buy rhis.


The game right? Which console? One of my personal favorites!


Just got home from a good meeting on fear, now watching Conversations with A Killer:The Ted Bundy Tapes!



Very fun but scared me already quite a few times! Playing on Normal difficulty so I definitely need to play safe to not run out of ammo and health items right away. I like the fact that it’s a lot about strategizing instead of going in guns blazing.


PS4 Pro. I was torn between getting it for my PC or PS4 but latter won cos I just happened to have it on exactly when I thought about buying it ^^ And my projector is still limited to 60 Hz so getting it on PC would not have done much of a difference. I really have been enjoying the game thus far! I’m a slow player though ^^


So it is more old school ev? Not run and gun but actually puzzle type


Exactly. Or at least that’s how I would categorize it. There is of course shooting but you can avoid a lot of it just by using little smarts.


Nice. I’ve been more of a XBox girl myself. But I wanna get a lot of the older consoles and Playstation as well lol. Only PC gaming I’ve done is the Sims :joy:


Good. The last game I was able to enjoy was The Evil Within. The creator from Resident Evil 2 was apart of it. Made it the old school horror puzzle type game. And it was a freaky game


Today was…fun…


Day 18, and this happened last night. Old injury, that I had fixed 10 years ago.