Sober selfies


Feeling great on this Sunday. Beaming with an attitude of gratitude! :star2::fire::zap:

Wishing everone here a fine day and night. One Love!


Day 446. -39°c here today, so ordering in and watching Netflix!


What better time to put on a crop top then when you’re almost 40!? But hey, I’ve lost so much weight from NOT DRINKING that I can ALMOST pull it off :rofl:


Feeling a bit under the weather today, so just chillin at home on day 42 in one of my favorite lounging shirts! :slight_smile:


This reminds me, I should go try on my old crop tops… jk really tho, my old jeans might fit now. :rofl:


Yes, you should totally try your old stuff on. It’s amazing what fits me again! There’s something so satisfying about actually being able to do up a pair of pants that you never thought would fit again. :rofl:


We want pictures :star_struck:


A partial success… she had seizures less frequently after :slightly_smiling_face:


Why would you have been scared to share a picture? Especially the picture you did?


Almost pull it off?


Not much different then my last selfie…still fucking winter here. LOL


Haha yes I still have a spare tire, just that last little bit of baby/ wine weight that needs to come off by summer!! Back to the gym this week for sure


Hmmm… Maybe it was the angle, because I didn’t get that at all… :blush:


You kicked that muffin tops ass. Go on with your bad self


I’m also super hard on myself. I guess I need to remember I grew a human in there not that long ago haha! Thank you though, that made my day :blush:


Ah. I see. Well you shouldn’t be. Like you just said, you just had your baby not to long ago. You look great!


You must have had the same idea as me!

It wasnt that fun running in blowing snow.


Because its sharing yourself with strangers :slight_smile:


OH! That makes perfect sense… Don’t I feel silly. :upside_down_face: I guess I can’t talk; I can’t figure out how to even post a self shot picture… But you look great! :clap:t3:


Thank you :slight_smile: and i dont know what phone you have but theres an image button under the box you write in on the right hand side and i can just choose a photo from gallery then