Sober selfies


You’re very welcome! :blush: I will have to look for that! Also means I have to figure out how to take a good picture…


Sean I hope you are doing well. I’m 34.8 days sober. Life has been difficult because my dad took seriously ill. I’ve been constantly on the road to Dublin to give my mum, brothers and sisters a break.

I’m alcohol free since I did dry January. I’m seen to have lost the taste for booze but feeling cautious all the same. I’m honestly taking it one day at a time.

Work has been truly shut and my mood has been low. For the first time ever I’m thinking alcohol will only make things worse. Let me know how you’re doing. Best wishes


Wow wee, it certainly suits you, congratulations!!!


I didn’t drink in Dublin and had a great time, no booze, just sparkling water. My friend was visiting from Oz and she was driving a lot. At one stage she said next time we will get on the wine. I just said yeah. I’m feeling more confident now and next time I see her I’ll tell her I’m trying to say sober.


me with my best friend that has five years clean and his lil brother


That is some achivement. You should be very proud of yourself. 478 days is epic. Thanks for posting, you will definitely inspire others. 478 days!!!


Thus kid is wonderful in the most stress inducing way possible.


So erm…not exactly a selfie buttt. Felt inspired to sing AND be willing to be silly today (something that for years has only been accomplished when I was too drunk to know wtf was going on), so I wanted to share it…push myself even more out of that “comfort zone” as it were! Hope that’s okay, and feel free to giggle all you like haha!


Nice voice. @JenLouiseLB



Never too late for that! Be proud of every single thing you get by being sober, whether it be mental or physical!


That was really cool! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Goin on day 2. Don’t mind the crazy hair I got goin on :joy:

  1. Public sober selfies!


To coffee or not to coffee.
That is the question


That sir is not a question.


Took the words out of my mouth.


@Geo @Metalhead @Deadman Thanks guys! And meep…I thought I had everything else private on there, those were for personal improvement not public consumption! :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth: -runs to fix-


Thoroughly enjoying my Peter Pan hair.


There’s more! Didn’t see that :grin::grin: