Sober selfies


The better you can mold the fiberglass makes for easier work too. I got some things i need to fix i just dread the resin and fiberglass work. I fixed my front bumber but never put it back on. For reienforcement i watched how u can soak rope and use it to strengthen the fiberglass as a rib. I tried it but havent got to see how it works. Some people do this when making subwoofer boxes. Which some can create massive air movement and stress. You gotta show us the final product! Lol


The rope trick is a great tool, fiberglass itself isn’t very strong, it’s true strength resides in the angles. People also use Rondo for sealing and support inside a high pressure enclosure. Basically just a 50-50 mix of fiberglass reinforced bondo and resin that you mix up to milkshake consistency, with both catalysts added at the right percentages of course.

I actually like the fiberglass work lol, just need more patience. I wanna lay like 3 layers at a time and that’s just air pocket city


Out to lunch with my soon to be 17 year old!


Selfie from my 2.5 mi walk today. My wife was with me for 1/2 the walk and said, “fuck it… too cold.” She’s smarter than me. :smile: Hope you’re all having a great weekend.


Sunday Funday, off to my sisters for a birthday family bbq :slight_smile:


Hair’s looking great @Becsta!


You look great! You look like Sinead o Connor in her young days, love it!


Still jealous over here and still wanna touch it :blush: I’m sure it’s suuuuper soft, right?


Loooveeee your amulet too! I see peace in you, you look fantastic!


Love this :star_struck: In high school my BFF developed a brain tumor and had to shave her head for surgery, so we did it together. It grew back quickly, but it was fun to mess with at different stages of growth. Life was so much easier without the extra fuss in the morning. This looks incredible on you.



This warms my heart :heart:


You look beautiful


@MandiH, I truly am finding incredible (empowerment and) peace within myself… so much emotional baggage fell with my hair as I shaved it :pray:
@Kintsugi it feels incredible lol I’m forever running my hands over my head (and my youngest loves me tickling his feet by rubbing them on my head :joy:).
@Buts @Charlesfreck thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
@Ac1z3k what a beautiful things to do with your BBF. Was surgery a success? I’m looking forward to the fun of growing it out also but it feels like its growing back too fast. I want to stay like this for just a little bit longer!!


Having a great 6 months sober and clean :v:.


Wait…did I miss a head shave?!

I love love love it.


6 months is fantastic! Congratulations!:heart:


Thanks @ELY83 xx and yes you sure did :wink: I did it last Sunday :slight_smile:


Oh man…I have to get on here more often I think!

Well, I’m glad to hear it was freeing as well. Shine on you crazy diamond! :gem: :sunrise: :dancer:t2:


7km ski from Friday afternoon. Some much needed nature therapy.