Sober selfies


Day 116.
Post therapy self-care: panda onesie and noodles.
Soundtrack: T-Rex “Electric Warrior”


Awe, enjoy. I had post therapy bliss today. I hope you too :purple_heart:


Not exactly bliss, more like exhaustion. But productive exhaustion. It was unexpectedly intense. EMDR takes me to strange mental places and I end up re-experiencing feelings from long past events super quick. It’s like “whoa! surprise! that thing you were upset about on Saturday is neurologically connected to events from 20 years ago. WTF!” It’s hard, but feels important and productive. Some things got stuck along the way and I am flushing them out, like grouse. :hearts::snowflake::bird:


Right, and I’m sorry if put my bliss onto you, and hence a little too much maybe? I feel like I didn’t consider some therapy to be what you describe, exhausting. I’m happy to hear there was importance added to the process. Hugs


My friend, you are amazing :bird:


T’rex’s Cosmic Dancer is one of my fav all time songs!


futuristic dragon! oh man love the song love the album!!


You are beautiful


There haven’t been enough animal onesies lately! (how does one find that level of coziness?!?) :slight_smile:


Got my hair done today!!


That hair is the bomb-biggity!


You look fabulous :heart_eyes:


Thanks! We went a little crazy fun today lol. My sister is my stylist so I usually just let her have fun with it lol!


Lucky!! Well it looks great :blush:


Minus the hoodie… great picture! You look happy!


Thanks dear!


Haha, the hoodie is the best part of the picture lol


Na lol not at all


Your hair AND hoodie are great.:blush:


Well, to each their own lol. As long as you’re not a Cowgirls fan, or a Lions fan lol