Sober selfies


Yaaaas!!! congratulations! Thats a great car!!


LOVE this story and the photos, so proud of you my friend!!! Is it a manual too? I love standard cars and this one is a beauty! This makes my heart so happy for you!!!


It absolutely is a manual! That was my one solid prerequisite. Not easy to find here. The only manuals within 50 miles of here were used. Far more used than this one. And there were only 5. All the guys at the dealership were in the same boat as me… what is wrong with people? They all drive standard. Haha, they were all sad that I bought the car because they couldn’t “test drive” it anymore. I’m pretty sure they put more miles on it than the previous owner.


Haha that’s awesome!!! Thats when you know its a good car! There is no minivans that are manual transmissions but if I trade Bertha in for a car, I’ll be looking for one again but you’re right. It’s SUPER hard to find them now a days! Looovee them. You go girl!!!


Also, I named her Hildegard. Or, Queen Hildegard the… something. Can’t decide! Amazing? Speedy? Dragons Breath? Fierce?

Oh the real life problems! :laughing:


Great name!

The name basically means protection from war, she could be the queen of sobriety, or even just the Queen Hildegard as she will protect you in daily life battles! :heart:


But… I need a ridiculous name! It wouldn’t be me otherwise!


Hildegard is solid. Hilde for short? Like a Valkyrie. Get you some Wagner and blast that stuff while you roll.


Oh thank you! :heart:


The word that comes to mind: Posh.


Its a 5spd and a honda… That car will last you for many years with no problems. Perfect choice! Congrats girl you deserve it!


Haha Hildegard the queen of rugby! I for some reason remember your hilarious comment about rugby and being in a pile if sweaty lesbians, loved it. You’re totally right, go with something outlandish, quirky and you! :heart:


It’s a 6 speed! Get it right Donnie! I’ve always wanted a 6 speed.


@C-sun was the rugby girl. She tried to get me to follow rugby because if all the sweaty lesbians. Love that girl!


6 speed. Better because it goes one more than a 5-speed.


Queen Hildegard the Chick Magnet?


Yes!!! Thats perfect!


Right? In true addict form, I WANT ONE MORE!


I was thinking more “Spinal Tap” in that “it goes to eleven”.


What an amazing journey. So well deserved. I’m inspired. Thank you Megan! Enjoy your new ride. It is bad ass!:blush: