Sober selfies


Well thank you! :blush:


Nope lol neither of them



Good then lol.


These havent been off my neck since I got them til now. Just wanted to let you all know that you got this :slight_smile:


2016 Actively using. 150lbs

2017 Actively using. 145lbs

2018 Sober, month after prison…180lbs

2019 Sober 10 months after prison… 190lbs


Awesome ! You look so healthy…hard work is paying off. Congratulations!


Thank you very much. I feel incredible and it’s only the beginning. I plan on staying dedicated to my body for my crohns for my mental health and progressing everyday. Thank you


That’s good to here and motivation for me as well. I love exercise and am now trying to incorporate a daily routine as well…for my.overall well being/mental health. The body is our temple and I’m thankful to start treating as such as you have discovered. Blessings :blush:


It’s a slow process but I have felt once I got that engine roaring it has carried me in so many dark days and has carried me out of relapses too which has been helpful. I can’t go a day without some way working on my body and that has saved me during relapses. I never wanted to go out and stay out and it’s stopped me from just throwing everything away to go get high. It’s a miracle the body and what it can do and once it’s moving it’s a force to reckon with!


That’s some big top hair right there


Daniel, you are such an inspiration. Picking yourself up, staying sober, and dedicating yourself to your health and fitness. You rock, man!!! Stay strong and keep up the awesome work!


Not the best picture ever but my eyes though :heart_eyes::heart::eyes::ok_hand:


Damn bill your being way to kind man. I def could use those kind words right now but your being wayyyyy to nice lol. Thank you


In a high pitched voice…roughly c# Fuuucking look at you and all that winning you’ve won!! Good work man!


Thank you. I put a lot of work in… still not where I want to be but I’m getting there


324 sober days and off to work. Have a lovely sober day everyone!


You look amazing


I’m terrible at pictures, especially on demand, but… THAT CAR! MY CAR! I wasn’t expecting to buy a car, I was expecting to pay too much to get my old car fixed. The price was way more than I was willing to pay and there was no guarantee that it would run for long. And the exhaust was leaking right under my feet. Soooo, THIS!

Let’s have story time!

There once was a lady named Megan. Megan was a raging drunk and took copious amounts of benzos to deal with the resulting anxiety (and a lot of real anxiety and panic). She pretended to love her life, but in reality she was a miserable disaster. One day it all became too much. It looked like the only option was death. Well, Megan didn’t really want to die. So she seized this gift of desperation and put in a lot of hard work and got clean. Then 19+ months later her car shit the bed and was trying to kill her. She realized that after all her hard work she had options! What? Options? What is this sorcery? So instead of driving a death trap she was able to buy a car! She got real lucky. The car was owned (very briefly) by some rich kid who just liked to buy nice cars. When he moved to Florida he didn’t have room on the lift for his 2017 Honda Civic SI with only 240ish miles on it that never left his garage. Poor kid! It was a tough choice between his Lexus, Corvette, Mustang, and other expensive cars. He decided to sell the orphaned Civic SI to a friend’s dealership. When Megan’s car wouldn’t even remotely pass inspection she went back to plan B and realized she had to buy something. Fate intervened and this Civic SI was put on sale just a few short weeks earlier. Two other people tried to buy the car but their credit was not good. The car itself was 20% cheaper than it should have been; the car was hurt because it thought it was worth more. While Megan wavered and looked at other cars that would have cost around the same amount (and were not even close to being as bad ass) she continually heard the car speaking to her from afar (like, 3 blocks away). The decision was more or less made on the way to pick up her death trap, although Megan still resisted her fate. But once she sat in the car her resistance started to crumble. Then she drove the car. The 6 speed manual transmission as smooth as silk, the turbocharged 205 horsepower 1.5 litter engine roaring like a dragon, she was completely overwhelmed with joy and love! Her fate had grabbed her and wasn’t ever letting go again! After over 19 months of constant struggle and fighting with mental health, doubt, confidence and insecurity, Megan made a decision that she never thought she would be able to make. She was able to say, “YES! I want this, I deserve this, I CAN DO this!” The whole world changed.

The moral of the story? Good shit happens if you make the next right choice!

And here is more pictures…

If I can do it, ANYONE CAN!


You’ve laboured long and hard in the orchard. Time to enjoy an apple, and a fine apple it is. Very happy for you.