Sober selfies


Yes. I do hate that intro. Very much indeed. Although, I was watching a video of Brian May reacting to Nuno Bettencourts solo in ‘Get The Funk Out’ a couple days ago and he thinks its one of, if not the, best solos ever played.

I love Nuno’s track ‘Midnight Express’. Have you heard this?


I took a few pictures while admiring my long hair this morning before I get it cut and layered more in the next week or two and I started thinking. I absolutely LOVE that I can wear no makeup and not need to turn (edit: all my photos) black and white to hide my red hideous drinking face anymore! I can if I want to for fun but I dont need to anymore and that makes my heart super happy! :heart:


Celebrating Six!


Excellent job Bill!!! :heart:


No i havent. Quite a finger rehearsal too!

Edit havent followed his career since extreme. What is he doing nowadays?


Tryn lookn cool haha



I love this thread. What a sobering reminder that there is actually real people behind these usernames!


Yeah agree!! so where is yours:) :star_struck:


He’s touring with Extreme. I think he just got off tour with Steve Vai aswell.


Oh i didnt know extreme still is alive! I rember gary cherone quitting but it was ages ago


Oh yeah, theyre still going but I think theyre doing similar circuits to ‘Thunder’ and ‘Gun’ and whatever else is left of the 80’s LA Rock and NY Punk bands. There’s very few still about who can still do arena/stadium tours from that era.


No doubt, hard business


Edit…going to explain this in the working on working out thread a bit more…wish some of you will take this challenge just for laughs…


Kunnon grobiaani


Grobiaani on huonojen tapojen suojeluspyhimys…eli todellakin :wink:


Pyhimys on ihan hyvä tavoite tulevaan


Going for a walk. Cabin fever has gotten the best of me. Time to get the feet moving.


Looking good, my friend! :two_hearts::bird::+1:


Well done sir!!!


Thank you.