Sober selfies


How do you not know Ally Sheedy?


Um, I guess I’ll blame it on the French culture, that’s a safe bet.


Yaaaaasssss. Love it :two_hearts::bird:🤸


Tired af lol today 9 dayz!


We (the girls and I) think you are stunning! Absolutely beautiful.


Your kids??? :sob: That’s so amazing, thanks!!!


I got to volunteer at my sons school district track and field events today. Proud and sober dad as he took 3rd overall in standing long jump! A fun day.


Day 337.


I had a long day babysitting. Now im off to the movies to have some adult time lol


Last night (Day 72) - my first sober Mardi Gras was an absolute blast!


You look exactly like Ally Sheedy! Breakfast Club beauty!


Standard ‘Selfie-with-a-guitar-not-looking-at-the-camera’ shot.

Some days I pick up a guitar and its almost like I’ve forgotten how to play it. I literally cannot string any notes together; nothing sounds right or in key or it sounds out of tune. Im holding a plectrum wrong or not breathing in time. It reminds me of when I would wake up without any memory of the previous day/night - its a really horrible feeling almost like i’ve been robbed of something. I’m having one of those days today. :confused:


Im sorry if now you are getting unwanted attention and comparisons to Ally Sheedy, but theres no denying it…and if I may, I agree with the girls…


But you’re picking it up…


Yeah there is that. I don’t time it specifically anymore but I play for around 6 hours a day. Even on the days when I can’t seem to put two notes together, i’ll still play for 6 hours or so - I will just play scale after scale and mess for hours until the workings of a lick or a hook or a riff come through but these off days, its sounds like Ive never played a day in my life and its really quite distressing.

My teacher never ever used to get frustrated when I had an off day, he would simply wait until I nailed it. Those 60 mins a week with him taught me more about patience and concentration than anything or anyone else. It’s funny how those same qualities are also keeping me on the straight and narrow.


Frickin awesome!


Oh that’s ok, thanks for acknowledging though. I think because of my eyebrows, I’ve always gotten that I look like certain older actresses. Maybe I should have put all my theatrics to good use :wink:


my motivation


Thank you! It’s my favorite haircut to-date! I’m just stoked that it’s no longer in my face all the time lol


Then you might hate this intro. I know i hate, otherwise love it.