Sober selfies


Waiting to take an employment drug test. So nice to know that there is no chance it will be dirty.


Haha Dan the man!!


I like that tie


You don’t look so sure in the pic! LOL. Good luck brother.


Haha I was trying to be incognito, they were watching me like a hawk, making sure I wasn’t upnto any funny business.

@Geo my grandpa used to call me that!

@Englishd thanks bud, I tied it myself! :grin:



It’s nickleback.


Or Creed… is it creed @DresdenLaPage?


@Jante76 - It’s never nickelback.

@Dasindog - It could be Creed. I think its off that EP they released in about 1973?


@Jante76 & @Dasindog :laughing::joy::laughing::joy::laughing:

Wait, i think i hear Kid Rock and 3 doors down too :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


Shut up, favourites.


New to me and kid truck selfie!


17 days… jammies all day… sober is awesome. Doing me. :heart::heart::heart:


Nice ride!


A rare one with both my floofers cuddling (cat on my legs not pictured :joy_cat:)


Hell yeah man. Nice!!!


1 day and 9 hours into detox. I’m hoping this is the last fxcking time.


You’ve got this! We are all here supporting you 100% :facepunch:


It is a fkn hard disease to fight! Ii think everebody here knows…
Be strong you got this!!


Yup haha ive been a singer in a band for a long time (not anymore) everytime if ik even hear a word i begin to sing a song on that haha