Sober selfies


Thank you, it feels great. It even translates in photos how much better I feel after getting rid of all those toxins. I feel like a whole new person & I LOVE HER


Sober Day 458, got to attend a NASCAR race today with my son and his friend. Lots of real loud fun!



still sober as fuck still keeping it one day at a time


Hey Eddie. long time no see my man. Looking good!


Back from Spain


day 39!


Thanks for posting this book…I ordered it after seeing your pic. I just finished chapter 1 today and it’s definitely a gem.


Day 150.


Great! I needed to accompany the book with other books to understand Buddhist philosophy. It’s in this way the 12 steps make sense to me and vice versa.


I also ordered the workbook to accompany the text, I’m actually looking forward to using them together. I’ve spent time reading books on Taoism in the past, but this is the first one I’ve read which specifically addresses Buddhist philosophies - and my first 12 step book as well. Thanks again.


Wait a workbook!!! :sweat_smile: Thanks for the pro tip!


Yup! Arriving tomorrow. :grinning:


Me and the rugrat



Last week was crazy and weird for me. But I feel like a new beginning is coming (again!). I’m sober but I have so much to work on. I guess I’m checking in here, sober 330 days. I just got back from a walk in the rain… This picture was from earlier today. Now I look like a drowned rat (ok it’s not that bad) that rolled in mud. Happy to get some fresh air tonight!

Also I swear my dog loves me, she just likes to make me work for it lol


You are absolutely gorgeous!!! Hope this week goes more smoothly and congratulations on 330 days! :heartbeat::sparkles::raised_hands:


I’m working hard to do just that this week :blush:-thank you so much for the support!


Up in the mountains at Tucson


Proud of you :pray:t2: