Sober selfies


Floofer! :heart_eyes: i love that word :dog:


55 days sober!


Hopefully new truck and not new kids. That would be quite the surprise eh?


If it was new kids I’d be like, “Lucy, you got some splainin to do!”


Congratulations @BillS!! :trophy:
You look happy! And you should! :+1:


Way to go buddy! Let’s do one more day, why not?


Kind of nice not having to wait till Mid afternoon to go for a jog due to hangovers! Definitely not my best time ever but any time you’re running it’s a good time!


Hi Rob, You certainly are looking fit and healthy. I’m back again, only day 4. You are an inspiration for me!


Party at Costco!

Also, our costco is so cool that they have installed self-checks at the food court!


Hi Jack… good to hear from you…that photo was a year ago! I am trying to get fit for a sprint triathlon at the moment…

Just stick at it mate… message me if you want a chat maybe I can help you…or just listen… speak soon…:grin:


Sober film night gets the Mobius thumbs up

Yes I know it’s a bloody Christmas jumper, it’s comfortable.


Sober selfie in the dessert. Really enjoying wearing sandals!!


Like a rock. Have a Silverado with 310K+ miles and still kicking @$$


Jumper is great :slight_smile::+1: reindeers are. And what is more enjoyable than watching movies sober!! :heart_eyes:


It’s my first Silverado in 14 years. Last one got taken and I got a GSW for my reluctance lol. Always looked at them as a bad omen after that.


Fourhundredandtwentysome Days free.


Day 202 and I need a haircut…

Day 202 and I need a haircut…!


Clearly before I took my dog on THE muddiest hike :joy:


Working on day 50 today, I picked out & purchased my wedding dress!.. the bridal shop gifted me a bottle of wine LOL… I took a pic with the gift back because I thought it was a nice gesture (they had no way of knowing I’m sober) and then I gifted the wine to my maid of honor who came with me to get my dress.
The old me would have been ecstatic to get a bottle of wine, the better me didnt care about the alcohol. I can appreciate the gesture while knowing I wont ever drink it & more importantly I am happy with that.
Anyway, I’m very excited for my dress and to keep living this happy & sober life!


Beautiful!! Love your hair, too :blue_heart: congratulations on 50 days and the selection of your wedding dress! Also being able to resist the gifted wine! :clap: