Sober selfies


330 days!! Thats just a hop, skip and a walk in the rain from a year. Good for you. Stay strong Lady…


Dont know if you’ve been or if you’ve the time but Bisbee is s pretty cool town. Enjoy.


Thank you :blush:


Wow!!! … 330 days… That’s amazing. Super inspirational. Maintain focus :clap: :muscle: :pray:


Ariel, you are glowing girl! And your eyes and smile tell me you are happy!


Thank you so much :blush:


Such a shame. We were going to head down to Huachuca (I was born on the base sooooo many years ago) but it just seemed too far. Next trip I’ll spend more time in the south.

We head north to Page and Grand Canyon today.


Page is beatiful, be sure to visit lake powell, and if you can antelope canyon. Theres not many places for good food in Page. There was an Italian restaurant (Bonkers) and a mexican restaurant (Fiesta Mexicana) that were both very good. Horeshoe bend is also nearby…


Thank you Kayto :blush:


I second @yentruoc Lea, you are absolutr knockout! :slight_smile:


I feel so much sunnier and happier sober. Looking forward to many more days without alcohol.


Grand Canyon is breathtaking! I was there this time last year. Stay for sunset if you can.


We’re staying at a hotel on Lake Powell and already have Antelope Canyon booked. We actually did that about 10 years ago and were in awe. It is a definite repeat!!


You rock the shit out of hot pink, girl! :heart_eyes::fire:


Here is a photo from before I cried all of my makeup off :joy::sweat_smile: been an emotional day 5. None the less, I had an interview this morning and 30 minutes later was called and offered the job! I am nervous but trying to remain positive and get excited!

Despite not feeling the best I forced myself to do some chores and make healthy meals and snacks today so I plan on rewarding myself with some gelato tonight :shaved_ice::blush:

Hope everyone has had an awesome day, killing it :raised_hands::sparkles:


Congratulations on getting the job! Just keep a positive attitude, you got it!


Thanks so much :blush::heart:




Day four. Sorry for the lack of a smile lol. Not really good at selfies.


You look great, love all the piercings, girl! Happy day 4 :heartbeat: