Sober selfies


Hubby went to Horseshoe Bend last night. The pictures were amazing. I was too tired myself. But now I wish I went.

You’re right…food options are lacking. We went to a Mexican restaurant but not the one listed. I think El Tapatio??? It was good. Nice vegetarian section on the menu. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s nice to put a face to a name!! You look great :blush:


Congrats on the job! Looking good :heart:


Thank you so much! I may go get my other side of my nose pierced so it’s more symmetrical lol! That’ll be it for facial piercings though. I go in next weekend to have a full frontal tribal neck tattoo done. Pretty excited about it. I’m a weirdo haha. :two_hearts:


Thank you so much love! :two_hearts:
I like to hide in the shadows sometimes lol.


It is a stunning view, too bad you didnt go.At least you have the pics and its close enough to maybe go again while you’re there. Enjoy your trip, it’s such beautiful country up there. Be well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Dunno… you always take striking selfies.


I think the dog looks quite composed, content, and dignified, which isn’t easy for a dog.


I thought Cate Blanchett had joined our humble forum.


She is very much content, she’s a rescue and I think she found a good home with us (been 8 years now). I’ve been taking her on 3 walks a day so I don’t doubt the love lol


Thank you! I often feel insecure so I usually dislike taking selfies lol. :two_hearts:


205 days today. A number that was part of my life for 20 years and will be for the remainder of my years. Although there are a few demons now, (and are being dealt with) and by no means the cause of my drinking, my time as a fireman is something I’m extremely proud of. 205 days in sobriety is also something I’m proud of and an accomplishment in and of itself…be well


Great job! Badass picture :star_struck:


Awesome post, love it!


Day 4. Universe help me


Great picture man. You have every reason to be proud my friend
Just concerned about what you where doing. Your hands?:joy:


@Lionfish, @MandiH, Thank you.


LOL!!!:joy::joy:…I’ll never tell…or admit it… Thank You , Sir.


Just keep making seltzer in the soda stream. You’ll get through this.


You mean, through this I’ll get? Thanks