Sober selfies


Through this. Get you you will. Yes. Bubbly force is strong with you.


Thank you for your service, brother. Thank you also for your encouragement and inspiration.


Amen my friend, back @ you for yours…


Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon


Such a rad space


Look at that smile! So nice to finally see it. Your selfies are always so serious.


This is awesome =D


Look at you! Love your hair!! :heart_eyes:


Congratulations on your new job! You can do it! :facepunch:


Your trip looks amazing and you look SO happy! Gorgeous! :heart:


Great picture @funnydad and congratulations with your sober numbers! Glad you are proud because you should! :heart:


Thank you for your service and bravery. Now your comment aboit 9/11 makes even more sense. You are my true hero, friend!


I have a rescue dog too :heart:


Incredible photos love! :heart_eyes:


Gooooodmorning loves. :two_hearts:


been a while round 2… day 445


Keep the fluids off the floor! Looks well lit there.


Only been here n hour n got the new one atleast bolted up some… So im good so far lol… Im tryin i made sure to wear white pants lol…


proud mom here! 22 days and not stopping ever!


I love fire fighters & the 205 significance! You’re a gutsy guy & a very brave man. Your ‘brothers’ saved us 12 years when our house burned down. Courageous profession. Thank you for your service & protection. Your fan for life :hugs: