Sober selfies


Thank you very much for your appreciation but hero is a term that is difficult to accept. Please forgive my humility.


Thank you BondJaneBond. Im sure its a heartbreak youll always feel. BTW, your my favorite spy…:sunglasses::grin:


That’s a good start. Our shop uniform is actually a white shirt if you can believe that. Black pants though


Being humble is inherent in the definition of a hero in my book. Many of my heroes are. Thank you @funnydad for having put your ass on the line every day to save others.


I’m thinking its cold up there?? Great pics.


It’s all about me today. Im taking the day to myself. Its a rainy day out so facemask, nail polish, getting back into my artwork, cuddling up with a good book… and good food. :heart_eyes::woman_in_steamy_room::nail_care::art::framed_picture::umbrella::open_book::books::spaghetti::chocolate_bar:
116 days sober :two_hearts::muscle:


I’m in my hotel room blasting through the coffee sachets - First coffee since 6am. It’s shit. There’s a reason why they’re free. They should be called Coffree…that said, my sense of taste is so worn out by now gah.

Tomorrow is my last day here in Canterbury - Up to another city on Sunday evening for 7 days then back down to Canterbury for 7 days.

Never trust a chef without burns, cuts or a few marks on his tunic.


Looking good chef!!!:grin:


Thanks. Feeling pretty wank but it’ll pass.


Understood. You have all my love and respect sir. People like you allow me to live a life of relative safety and peace, and for that I am forever grateful. So, thank you, again.


At the gym last night right before relapsing :pensive:.


My husband works as chef too and his arms are filled with burns


I couldn’t stand myself before, especially when I was drinking. I’ve learned to think about myself differently sober. There’s a guy worth caring about in here, and worth making changes to save. You guys helped me see this. Now that I believe so and am doing so, life is improving so rapidly.


New glasses and hat, am I fashion forward or what!



Great post James! So glad you’re finally catching on to how awesome you are! Thanks for shining your light in our direction!


James, this is so heart warning to read and see. You are an absolute delight.


Okay…today I am ready to reveal myself. This is me, almost three weeks sober. Because I look at you Sober-selfie-people and like to see what you look like (is nice to see who I am ‘talking’ to) I thought it was ‘fair’ to sober-selfie-myself! Besides that…I’m not longer ashamed of myself. The opposit! :muscle::grin:


Yayy!!! I LOVE it, great post! :heart: You look wonderful!


Nice to see you, to see you nice!:smile: