Sober selfies


So far so good starting outpatient 2day😁



See, that’s the secret, that bit of counter-intuitive wisdom we were missing in addiction.

It’s hard to say “no” to our DOC. It’s hard to say “no” to ourselves. It takes discipline. But in choosing the hard path, our journey is actually made easier.

As Jocko says: Discipline equals freedom.


2 years! Amazing @Juli!


The fun of sobriety … weekend flying!


Here’s the mid process picture of me getting my hair done lol! I’ll share one of it all done after lol


Love this…"in choosing the hard path our journey becones easier "…discipline =freedom


Woohoo!!! So proud of you!!! I did outpatient and it was ok!! You got this boy!!!


Yes!!! Discipline does equal FREEDOM!!!


Feels like spring today! :heart:


Ah Mandi, beautiful as ever!:heart_eyes:


There is nothing without discipline -jocko


Yes! Spring has sprung!! Looking gorgeous babe!!


Mandi you look really healthy and full of youth :slight_smile: and if your face doesn’t scream it out, your top certainly does :slight_smile:


Thank you, I feel great tonight! Lots of self care this evening and it’s serving me well.


I want to see final product! Can’t wait!


I like this look I think. Short hair :upside_down_face:


Here’s the end result! Love my new color!


yes that’s why it is on my hand so I can always see it DISCIPLINE


Hell yea boy! How was outpatient?