Sober selfies


Congratulations on your new job!!! Mad Skills!!! :tada::balloon::sparkles::confetti_ball:
I hear you on the comfy scrubs :grinning:
Unfortunately I don’t get to wear comfy clothes to work everyday :sob:


Great move!!!
I hated working in that industry


2 years today! Weight 20 kg less wooow!, New projects, I am going to buy a new house, very happy and very quiet … thank you friends of sober … a super hug!


Congratulations!! Always nice seeing you post!!!



Juli, so nice to see you post! Super stoked all is going well for you my friend!


Thank you! I am very excited!


It’s definitely a step in the right direction. Im not blaming the industry, but it is definitely toxic.


Completely toxic.
I always just wanted to tell people their mustard doesn’t matter.


I have days where I hate it and days where I love it, thankfully, the days where I love it eclipse the days I hate it. I wish that employers in this industry actually took into consideration the strain this job has on our mental health but all the while, I can’t imagine working less than 60 hours a week again.

All the best in your new job @psequinn


That is seriously so precious


Thank you!


Happy to put a face to a name. So so gorgeous. :sparkles:


472 Days without a drop of booze. Happy Thursday everyone!


Almost 8 months!


11 days sober today! Feeling relaxed.


Great so see you pop in from time to time and still sober, awesome work! Congratulations :hugs::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


After a run, it’s good to take the tram back home


Way to go Amanda!! Great job!! Keep it up :smile:


Thank you so much.
Not my first 11 days but hopefully my last.
Stay strong.