Sober selfies


It was great. You know all these years of using I’ve never seeked help or tried n e thing so it felt so good 2 have some1 listen 2 my problems and concerns and really dig into my mental. I’m gonna start groups next week i feel Great and thank You 4 who You are You are a great asset 2 the community and a TRUE Friend


Yea I struggled for years to get sober. I had 7 months. I make 90 days tomorrow. I cannot freaking wait to get back to that!! It all starts with us, ya know? No one can make us live sober lives, but us!!!


True and awesome You got this piece of :cake:


Not a selfie.
Just a picture of my properties natural scenery earlier this evening.
I hope everyone is doing well.


Blue skies in MK on a sober Friday morning


34 days☀️
Strange, i could start making selfies again only after ~20 sober days, before that i felt i didn’t deserve it.
Hello to you all beautiful people!


Girl you look amazing I love it​:heart::heart::heart:


Lovely…always like seeing your after hair dobe pics. Great self care!


And you look like your ready for the sun…very nice!!


still sober as fuck almost to 8 months one day at a time!


I love it, you rock short hair!!


Thank you! I’m absolutely loving it! :blush:


Thank you! Yes, it’s so nice to do something extra nice for yourself! I rather enjoy it :blush:


Remember how you feel and look when you are hungover? uch
i do


Feels great to have found you guys!


You look like a movie star.


Holy crap…ditto @Yoda-Stevie
You do look like a movie star!!!


Great way to keep occupied friday nights :sweat_smile::roll_eyes:


haha! thank you!
have a good weekend stay strong


Ok well you look better hungover than I do anytime :wink: